Daniel Craig shines in new James Bond movie


photo from 007.com

Daniel Craig as James Bond in his new movie “No Time To Die.”

Ari Werbin-Gradel, Reporter

The newest James Bond movie, “No Time To Die,” is by far the best one of the Daniel Craig era, and it’s not even close. From the thrill and action to the storyline and graphics, this movie is absolutely a must-see for anyone who likes action and is interested in the James Bond movie series.

The movie is based on protagonist James Bond, who had previously left active service as a 007 agent. However, Felix Lighter, an old friend from the CIA, reappears and implores Bond to help him with a dangerous new mission.

Before watching the movie, I rewatched all of the other James Bond movies featuring Daniel Craig. I was anticipating that this movie would be exciting, although I was slightly worried that the three hour running time would not be worth it. However, I could not have been more wrong. 

“No Time To Die” is 100 percent worth your time. The three hours go by like 30 minutes, and with all the action-packed scenes, you can never get bored. I recommend you watch the other Daniel Craig Bond movies beforehand. However, if you just do some research ahead of time like watching a YouTube video or looking up a quick summary about the film online, you will be fine as well. 

The acting in this movie was phenomenal. Craig is 53 years old and still doing stunts that 25- year-olds have a hard time with. The stunts and acting look so realistic and overall the production is stupendous. 

Last but not least, the storyline couldn’t have been better written. When you think the movie is about to end, another inciting incident happens, leading to another climax rich with tension and conflict. If this was the last movie of the Craig saga, the storyline is as good as any end-of-series movie can get. 

In summary, this movie was breathtaking and is definitely a must-see. From the acting and production to the directing and storyline, this movie is an extravaganza of a motion picture. To anyone who’s above 12 years old and loves the action genre, this movie is for you.