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The Lion's Tale

The student news site of Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

The Lion's Tale

The student news site of Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

The Lion's Tale

Lt. Col. Avi Levi presents on the Israel Air Defense System.
JDS hosts speakers from Israeli Embassy
Mia Forseter, Sports Editor • May 22, 2024

Following Yom HaZikaron and Yom Ha'atzmaut, CESJDS invited three speakers from the Israeli embassy to further inform students about Israel and...

Joe Vogel speaking out to the community. Photo from
It takes a village
Adam Salomon, Reporter • May 22, 2024

While, door-to-door campaigning, Junior Rafi Seigel knocks on the door of a family household in Maryland’s sixth district, asking them to vote...

Sophomore Oliver Silver teaches his grandparents what hes been learning in math this year.
Dor L' Dor Day
Gila Safra, Reporter • May 22, 2024

Summer vs. winter
Summer vs. winter
Eliana Abrams and Maya GreenblumMay 20, 2024

Lions hold up banner after defeating Sandy Spring in the championship.
Varsity softball wins championship two years in a row
Tyler Portnoy, Reporter • May 19, 2024

Crack. The bat hits the ball and sophomore Carrine Shemesh sprints towards first base as sophomore Eliana Wolf crosses the plate, scoring the...

The baseball team has two managers who can be found at the majority of the baseball teams games, Jordan Levy (‘24) and junior Josh Berl.
All bases covered: managers support the baseball team
Vivi Ducker, Features Editor • May 17, 2024

When in attendance at any of the CESJDS varsity baseball team’s games this year, next to the players on the bench, the baseball team managers....

A day of matzo meals

Sadaf Zadeh

Many people dread Pesach time, when their beloved chametz (leaven) is replaced with dry, brittle matzo. However, if presented well, matzo does not need to be a detested food. Here are my suggestions for a few creative matzo combinations that will adequately quench your chametz cravings. 

Matzo Avocado Toast: 

A tasty replacement for a popular breakfast dish, avocado on matzo is a great way to start your morning. First, begin by mashing your avocado in a bowl until it reaches the consistency that you desire. Then squeeze fresh lemon juice and add salt, pepper and garlic powder. Next, lay out your slice of matzo and spread the avocado mash on top, being careful not to break the matzo. Sprinkle any extra toppings or seasonings of your liking, and for extra flavor and texture, add a sunny-side-up egg on top.

“The New York Bagel”:

Bagels are one of the most difficult breakfasts to give up on Pesach, however, the toppings can easily be replicated on matzo. Start with a piece of matzo and then spread on your favorite type of cream cheese (my personal favorite is whipped cream cheese). After that, the possibilities are endless. You can add lox, capers, red onion, tomatoes, cucumbers or anything else that will give you the same satisfaction as your favorite bagel. 

Nut Butter and Jelly: 

For picky eaters who miss their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, never fear: it can be recreated on matzo For people who don’t eat kitniyot (legumes) and therefore can’t have peanut butter, there are numerous kosher for Passover nut butters that can be used instead, such as almond or cashew butter. This meal is so simple and only requires spreading your matzo with your desired nut butter and jelly, which you can likely find at your local Kosher grocery store. 

Matzo Pizza with a Twist:

When people think of food on Pesach, one of the first things that comes to mind is matzo pizza. However, having matzo pizza every day can get quite boring, so here are two ways to spice up this classic dish. First, while your matzah pizza is baking in the oven, mix together honey and red chili flakes for the perfect hot honey. When the pizza comes out of the oven, drizzle the sauce on top to add a nice kick to the standard flavor. Second, for those who don’t like tomato sauce or get tired of eating it every day, replace it with ricotta cheese and top it with the homemade honey, making for a spicy white pizza. 

Matzah Crack:

Matzah doesn’t need to just be used for savory foods — there are endless sweet options too. This sweet snack requires very few ingredients and steps and will have you wanting to make more. Begin by placing matzah on a tray and preheating the oven to around 350°F. Then mix unsalted butter and brown sugar in a saucepan until it comes to a boil, stirring for about two more minutes until the toffee is silky and smooth. Feel free to add vanilla extract. Then pour the toffee mixture over the matzah and bake until the toffee has a cracked texture on top. Next, sprinkle chocolate chips and salt on top and bake for a few more minutes. When it looks ready to come out of the oven, refrigerate until it is hard and then enjoy. 

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Sophie Schwartz, Opinion Editor
Sophie is excited to continue her work on the Lion’s Tale this year as an opinion editor. She is looking forward to helping the new staff and designing creative spreads. Outside of Lion’s Tale, Sophie plays on the JDS Girls Tennis team, is a team leader for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and participates in the STARS program and the AJC teen initiative. In addition, she loves playing with her dog, cooking, going to the beach, and hanging out with her family and friends. She can’t wait to work with her co-editor to produce an amazing opinion section.  
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Sadaf Zadeh, Arts and Entertainment Editor
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