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The Lion's Tale

The student news site of Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

The Lion's Tale

The student news site of Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

The Lion's Tale

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This will be the fourth debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.
Israel-Hamas War topics to look out for in the Presidential Debate
Stella Muzin, Editor-in-Chief • June 26, 2024

The presidential debate on June 27 may seem to be no different from that of...

To honor the 133 hostages being held in Gaza, Lower School art teacher Emma Whitaker made individual portraits of each of them.
Arts Chai-Lights celebrates art and STEM
Tali Loeffler, Sports Editor • May 31, 2024

The room fills with silence as sophomore Ella Arking plays the first notes of...

United by music
Sophie Schwartz, Opinion Editor • May 30, 2024

In the 68th year of Eurovision Song Contest, an international competition led...

Each JDS teacher is responsible for crafting a unique final for their students.
How teachers craft their finals
Penelope Terl, News Editor • May 29, 2024

Finals prep is a stressful time for students, jam-packed with flashcards and...

Photos from
Teachers not returning next year
Jordana Dauber, Reporter • May 29, 2024

For years, the sight of Talmud teacher Rabbi Benjamin Barer with a Tanakh, history...

Joe Vogel speaking out to the community. Photo from
It takes a village
Adam Salomon, Reporter • May 22, 2024

While, door-to-door campaigning, Junior Rafi Seigel knocks on the door of a...

Sports Step Up
Jordana Dauber, Reporter • June 1, 2024

As a member of the Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy’s girls varsity basketball...

Double bracket
Sadaf Zadeh, Arts and Entertainment Editor • June 1, 2024

Todd Lazoff (‘24) backs into place to set up for the first serve of his championship...

In the club
Isaiah Segal-Geetter, Reporter • June 1, 2024

Many students spend much of their time outside of class playing sports and are...

Ala offers a unique, foreign seeming design, making it difficult to believe it is in Bethesda.
Bethesda bistros
Gila Safra, Mia Forseter, and Maiya Blumenthal June 1, 2024

Rooted3 Rooted3 has a calm environment and offers a number of make-your-own...

Photo illustration by Cati Werbin. Photos credits:,,,,,,
Summer setlist
Eliana Abrams, Reporter • June 1, 2024

"Espresso" by Sabrina Carpenter  Sabrina Carpenter’s new single immediately...

The napkin top paired with a jacket makes a great outfit for any social event.
Fashion trend takeover
Ruby Kotok, Features Editor • June 1, 2024

The 2024 awards season was filled with unique and boundary-pushing styles, ranging...

Money doesn’t grow on trees
Money doesn’t grow on trees
Ari Kittrie, Managing Editor, Web • June 2, 2024

The end of the school year means juniors like myself will soon need to consider...

Summer shouldn't be serious
Aliza Bellas, Managing Editor, Copy • June 2, 2024

Since I was seven years old, I’ve spent my academic years looking forward...

Education miscalculation
Education miscalculation
Maiya Blumenthal and Aviv Stein June 2, 2024

When I went to Israel with my family for the first time in the summer of 2018,...