The Lion's Tale

Junior Olivia Cohen reads 
The Catcher in the Rye for English class.

Media Center keeps full access to books open

Penelope Terl, Guest writer December 5, 2022

As students filter into the media center throughout the school day to do schoolwork, peruse the library, and check out books, Media Center Specialist Cheryl Fox Strausberg sits behind the desk, wearing...

Club President Ari Blumenthal talks about  sport events during Friday lunch.

Club of the Month: Current Events Club

Daniela Abrams, Editor-In-Cheif December 1, 2022

Friday lunches are currently filled up with the Current Events club. The club combines comedy with education through slideshows pertaining to that week's most recent events. In addition to national news,...

Goldel tries on training gear as part of preparation for her EMS program. Photo courtesy of Miriam Goldel.

Student volunteers as EMT

Kaylah Goldrich, Sports editor November 23, 2022

Adrenaline pumped through junior Miriam Goldel’s veins as the ambulance approached the patient’s house. She reviewed her role for the last time in her head, nervous but prepared for the daunting task...

While Halloween is taboo for many communties, many students celebrate outside of school.

Why is Halloween taboo in many Jewish communities?

Aliza Bellas, Reporter October 31, 2022

On Oct. 31st, kids of all ages will dress up in costumes and look forward to a school day full of candy, costume contests and spooky surprises. While the orange and black lights, jack o’ lantern decorations...

Junior Hannah May’s window filled with a variety of different plants.

High school student shares passion for plants through horticulture club

Gigi Gordon, Reporter October 3, 2022

Junior Hannah May can barely see an inch of paint in her room as dozens of plants cover her walls and ceiling. This past year, May has collected over forty house plants which have found a home in her room....

Editor-in-Chief Eitan Malkus baked round challahs for Rosh Hashanah.

LT Staff’s Favorite High Holiday foods

Elliot Bramson, Reporter September 23, 2022

Imagine walking into your dining room right before your Rosh Hashanah dinner as you're greeted by a fresh meal accompanied by sweet apples and honey. It’s the start of the new school year and everyone...

Hailing from Baltimore, Md., Dr. Anna Band joined the high school faculty this fall.

Jewish History department welcomes new teacher

Lena Nadaner, Features Editor September 20, 2022

This year, the Jewish History department welcomed Dr. Anna Band, who has jumped right into her new role as a high school teacher for Modern Jewish History, History of Modern Israel and History of Arab...

Influencers: Slap or cap?

Kaelyn Rashti, Reporter September 9, 2022

Throughout each decade, a new form of media has been viewed as a corrupting influence on teens. In the ‘50s, adults were concerned about the effect that Elvis Presley and his “provocative’’ dance...

Beinart bakery

Matan Silverberg, Managing Editor, Copy September 9, 2022

While walking through Janice Beinart’s kitchen, the aroma of freshly baked cookies fill the room.Half a year ago, Beinart, parent to alumna Mira Beinart (‘22) and junior Jonah Beinart, launched a cookie...

Traveling teachers

Lily Rulnick, Reporter September 9, 2022

For a lot of students, it’s hard to imagine teachers having lives outside of school. But during the summer, teachers, administrators and other faculty members change their routines and claim new titles...

Students sit and watch the sunrise at Masada

Summer in the Holy Land

Stella Muzin , Reporter September 2, 2022

Picture this, it is the second week of Junior Sela Wertlieb’s three-week Israel trip with Capital Camps and she is enjoying the spiritual atmosphere of the Kotel. As Wertlieb steps up towards the Kotel,...

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