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FIFA must be stopped

FIFA must be stopped

Eitan Rattner, Guest Writer November 30, 2022

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup. The greatest sporting tournament in the world. Millions of eyes glued to their television screens. The one month every four years...

Opinion: Wearing formal clothing to school may have some benefits

Opinion: Wearing formal clothing to school may have some benefits

Adin Halbfinger, News Editor November 28, 2022

“Why are you dressed up? Are you on Debate? Is there a Mock Trial?” I am not on the debate team, and there was no Mock Trial match. I was just wearing a button-down shirt at school.  I don’t...

Without daylight savings time, the sky becomes completely dark early in the evening.

Opinion: Daylight savings time is an unnecessary relic

Jonah Beinart, Opinion Editor November 16, 2022

As the sun sets below the horizon at 5:30 p.m. each night, I feel an overwhelming sense of grogginess knowing that the night has only begun. While many believe that we should change the current law and...

Can Jews continue listening to Kanye?

Can Jews continue listening to Kanye?

Stella Muzin, Reporter November 8, 2022

With the controversy surrounding rapper Ye's (Kanye West) recent antisemitic tweets, many CESJDS students as well as Jewish people globally are wondering if they can still listen to and appreciate West’s...

Graphic by Ellie Fischman, LT

Opinion: Volume of clubs leads to extracurricular overexertion

Ella Kotok, A&E Editor October 28, 2022

Part of what makes CESJDS students so special is not only their commitment to learning inside the classroom, but in their extracurricular activities as well. JDS high school students need not worry whether...

Student reads and annotates book for English World Literature class.

JDS should offer more English electives

Zara Ducker, In-Depth Editor October 20, 2022

When I went to sign up for my classes senior year, I was upset to see that there were only two English classes provided, both of which were required. As someone who plans on majoring in Business in college,...

Graphic by Daniela Abrams, LT

Opinion: Hasidic private schools need to teach more secular studies

Sasha Karasik, Reporter October 12, 2022

Every child has the right to an education, and religion should not be used as an excuse to not provide one.  The New York Times conducted a private investigation concerning the poor education students...

Opinion: Why you should care about womens protests in Iran

Opinion: Why you should care about women’s protests in Iran

Ellie Fischman , Opinion Editor October 6, 2022

Veils waving in the air, the streets of Iran burst with cries of “Woman, Life, Freedom” during women’s rights protests. Participants risk arrest, violent police response and death to oppose their...

Toxic television

Reyut Wasserstein , Reporter September 9, 2022

Growing up, many kids were told that if a boy was mean to us, it meant he liked us.  You wouldn’t tell an adult that if their partner was abusing them physically, it meant that they loved them, so...

Procrastination nation

Jonah Beinart, Opinion Editor September 9, 2022

The end of the weekend is supposed to be a time to rest and recharge for the week ahead. For me, it is a mad rush to finish all the assignments I neglected for the last 48 hours. That familiar feeling...

Editorial: Cultivating Jewish roots

The Lion's Tale Staff September 9, 2022

The start of the school year and the upcoming high holiday season mark a time to reflect on our Jewish identity and values. CESJDS students are lucky to have an exemplary religion-based education with...

Almond milk is one of the most popular dairy-free alternatives to milk

Opinion: Dairy-free products aren’t always the best choice

Daniela Abrams , Editor-In-Chief September 8, 2022

Nowadays, upon entering a coffee shop, whether a chain or local, there is no doubt you will be greeted with an array of alternatives for dairy options. Whether that be almond, coconut, oat or even cashew...

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