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Opinion: We Need to Put a Term Limit on Supreme Court Justices

Aaron Waldman, Guest Writer September 23, 2021

The Supreme Court has become dangerously reactionary. Every member is older than 45, each justice votes according to their party line, and every decision becomes controversial. The nine justices have incredible...

Opinion: What we learned from camp during COVID-19

Opinion: What we learned from camp during COVID-19

Elliot Bramson and Eitan Malkus September 15, 2021

While we didn’t expect much from a COVID-ridden summer at Camp Ramah New England, we actually gained more from this unusual camp experience than any other past year. Returning to camp after a canceled...

Lincoln Aftergood, Opinion Editor September 10, 2021

When I heard the news on March 13 that school would be closed for two weeks, I was ecstatic. I saw it as two free weeks of sleeping in, seeing friends and relaxing. But over the course of the year of quarantine,...

Benefits of breakfast

Benefits of breakfast

Yaeli Greenblum, Reporter September 10, 2021

Rolling out of bed to get to class is the new normal, but as the school year arrives with the promise of in-person school, we will have to adapt back to the old normal. School now begins at 8 a.m., over...

Teens can’t solve it all

Teens can’t solve it all

The Lion's Tale Staff September 10, 2021

Amid the many calls in the streets clamoring for justice, teen voices should not be drowned out. Young people are a powerful force for political change and should be acknowledged as such. At the same time,...

Opinion: Projects help students learn more effectively than tests

Opinion: Projects help students learn more effectively than tests

Matthew Steindecker, Guest Writer September 1, 2021

For decades, American students have been showing up to tests with bleary eyes and frowning faces. Tests are intended to assess student knowledge, but after long nights of studying and meaningless memorization,...


Maya Preuss, In-depth editor May 25, 2021

For the past two years, final exams have been canceled due to the restrictions of the ongoing pandemic. Once we return to daily in-person school next year, I see no reason to reinstate them as they hold...


Lincoln Aftergood, Opinion Editor May 25, 2021

When CESJDS administrators stated that there would be no high school final exams this year, many students felt relieved. Yet this is a short-sighted view. Finals allow students to retain the information...

Opinion: Schools must act against sexual assault by teaching consent

Netanya Shaffin, Reporter May 25, 2021

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, women all over the world who previously hid their experiences of sexual harassment are now sharing their stories. Even at CESJDS, a student-created an online confession...

Editorial: the power of science

Editorial: the power of science

The Lion's Tale May 25, 2021

STEM is the future. Our teachers have been telling us this for years, and yet we have never seemed to grasp it as reality until now. The successful development and production of multiple COVID-19 vaccines...

Opinion: Fast fashion is unethical and should be avoided

Opinion: Fast fashion is unethical and should be avoided

Zara Ducker, Arts and Entertainment Editor May 24, 2021

Fast fashion clothing companies have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Critics of these companies focus on their negative impact on the environment and their use of unethical child labor....

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