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The student news site of Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

The Lion's Tale

The student news site of Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

The Lion's Tale

Reading excessive negative news can harm your mental health.

Take in the good news, too

The Lion's Tale Staff March 18, 2023

Every day as news notifications pop up on our screens, they bombard us with tragedy. Whether it be school shootings, antisemitic incidents, catastrophic floods, tornadoes or the possibility of nuclear...

CESJDS should better prepare families for the price of the Israel trip.

Breaking the bank

Kaylah Goldrich, Editor-in-Chief March 18, 2023

The Senior Capstone Israel trip is the culmination of our CESJDS education. It’s what students are taught to look forward to beginning in kindergarten and is a core part of the JDS experience. Yet, now,...


Aliza Bellas, Opinion Editor March 18, 2023

With hormones raging and constant interaction with peers, it can be difficult for teens to refrain from engaging in romantic relationships. However, these high school romances often become detrimental...


Lilli Libowitz, In-Depth Editor, Director of Staff Development March 18, 2023

When discussing a breakup in my grade, my friends and I quickly conclude that high school relationships are not meant to last. However, this does not mean that high school romances are not worth it just...

Information about Grading for Equity (GFE) and how it relates to CESJDS

Grading for Equity is beneficial for students

Eitan Rattner, Reporter March 14, 2023

When I finish my soccer practice at 7:30 p.m. after a long day of school, there is nothing I dread more than having to complete an hour-long assignment in which I don’t gain any skills or knowledge just...

The divide between middle school and high school at CESJDS is too great.

One school, two schools

Penelope Terl, Reporter February 23, 2023

When I, a freshman, get out of the car each morning, I say goodbye to my brother, a seventh-grader. We walk into the cardo, he goes left, I go right, and I lose track of him. I attend classes, meet with...

Sports betting has had a significant impact on Americans today.

Bet on it

Gila Safra, Reporter February 8, 2023

Alcohol, drugs and unhealthy relationships. All of these are taboo topics teens are constantly warned about. However, gambling, which is equally as risky and accessible, is often overlooked.  Sports...

Political polarization and extremism in the United States has spiked over the last few years.

Gen Z needs to step up to fix political polarization

Eliana Wolf, Reporter February 7, 2023

Twitter, TikTok, Fox News and CNN blast Americans with a never-ending stream of partisan editorializing. Nobody listens to each other anymore. Today’s polarization arose because Americans connect political...

The problem with prom

Rabbi Reuvanne Slater, Guest Writer February 3, 2023

Every year, right around Prom time, I get an uncomfortable feeling. Most readers may assume that I am referring to my religious position concerning the mixed dancing and socializing that is associated...

By the numbers: How the state of antisemitism affects American Jews

Montgomery County needs to make a greater effort to combat antisemitism

Lena Nadaner and Lily Rulnick January 27, 2023

Our stomachs churn as we hear of another local antisemitic act, followed by the panic of texting our loved ones who could possibly be victims. This fearful sensation has been occurring more often in recent...


Ari Kittrie, Opinion Editor January 24, 2023

In the past decade, some towns in Maryland, such as Takoma Park and Hyattsville, have chosen to lower the voting age to 16. These cities’ main goal in doing so is to promote civic engagement in the youth,...

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