The Lion's Tale

Global meltdown

Sam Berns, Julia Rich, and Daniela Abrams September 10, 2021

As temperatures rise, people around the world are becoming more aware of the drastic effects climate change has on the planet. Many teachers and students within the CESJDS community are combating climate...

A clear conscience?

In the wake of continuous incidents of police brutality, the United States is currently undergoing a racial reckoning and examining the history and impact of systemic racism. Many institutions, including...

Behind the Mask: Delving into mental health during the pandemic, understanding how to cope

Since the pandemic began, many teens have tried to maintain normalcy in their lives. Teens can feel very anxious or depressed at times, and the pandemic has only enhanced these emotions. This causes mental...

How to Help: Ways that teens can help themselves and others with mental health

Exercise Studies show that exercise can help improve mood and mental health. When a person exercises the body releases endorphins, or “happy chemicals,” along with stimulating the neurotransmitter...

Separate Bubbles: A look at polarization within the JDS community in light of the election season

Daphne Kaplan and Mischa Trainor November 6, 2020

After sophomore Anouchka Ettedgui praised President Donald Trump’s policy about building a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico on her Instagram story, her direct message inbox filled rapidly with...

Not Enough Time: A look into the importance of sleep and why it’s so hard to get

Maya Preuss and Mischa Trainor September 10, 2020

Many students at CESJDS struggle to get a healthy amount of sleep on a nightly basis. Several factors can contribute to this including extracurriculars, procrastination, an overload of work on a single...

School Sick: Statewide shutdown shifts academics online

Daphne Kaplan, Mischa Trainor, and Eva Bard June 8, 2020

On March 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, temporarily halting conventional life across the globe. Following WHO’s declaration, Governor Larry Hogan issued...

Is shalom hello or goodbye? Alumni make own choices about practicing Judaism

Daphne Kaplan and Rochelle Berman January 16, 2020

As alumna Beyla Bass (‘19) sat and prayed in a Conservative synagogue, she looked down at her new bumblebee tattoo, and realized that it did not make her any less Jewish. Many CESJDS alumni, like Bass,...

Checks and balances: Are students prepared for the financial responsibility that comes with adulthood?

Izzy May and Josie Stein November 21, 2019

Many private school students are given ample academic opportunities and are taught to prioritize their school work over earning their own money through after school jobs. Their parents may give them hefty...

Do Good Diploma: Graduation Requirement Encourages Students to Serve Community

Do Good Diploma: Graduation Requirement Encourages Students to Serve Community

Daphne Kaplan and Sabrina Bramson October 4, 2019

In accordance with CESJDS' core values as well as Maryland graduation requirements, high school students are required to fulfill 80 hours of community service over the course of their four years. This...

Academic Epidemic

Matthew Rabinowitz, News Editor August 27, 2019

High school students continue to find ways to break CESJDS’ academic honesty policy in order to brighten their transcripts to compete in today’s hyper-competitive college admissions process. JDS...

Thats so extra: Students shift gears after the bell rings

That’s so extra: Students shift gears after the bell rings

Jessica Gallo, Reporter May 23, 2019

The school day doesn’t end at 3:45 and neither does the learning: student life is just beginning. Students spend their afternoons pursuing all sorts of activities that they are passionate about. Extracurriculars...

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