“Chaia Tacos” offers delicious fast-casual mexican cuisine


Photo by Kaylah Goldrich

On September 23, “Chaia Tacos” opened up its new location in downtown Bethesda.

Kaylah Goldrich, Reporter

A new taco place, Chaia Tacos, opened on Woodmont Ave. in downtown Bethesda on September 28. Their menu consists of a variety of different tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas and tostadas. They also have tasty and affordable vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and nut-free options. 

Chaia Tacos prides themselves in being very focused on sustainability, composting and the environment. They partner with local farms that grow their food, and their takeout boxes are made with recyclable materials.

When you walk into Chaia Tacos, there is a counter on the right where you can see the workers making the food, similar to Chipotle or Subway. The store itself is simple, yet cute. It is a pretty minimalistic design with a couple of tables inside to eat and outside as well. 

When ordering, customers are given the option to order online or dine-in. I had opted to order online, and my food was waiting on the counter in a small box with my name on it right when I walked in around 20 minutes after ordering. When confirming my order, the workers were really friendly and answered all of the questions I had about my order. 

I ordered a mushroom quesadilla made up of jack cheese, braised mushrooms, olio picante and salsa paprika. There were definitely more mushrooms than I had expected in the quesadilla; however, the cheese balanced it out. Even though I usually don’t love mushrooms, these were delicious. On the side there was the olio picante and salsa paprika, which when added to the quesadilla, provided a variety of enjoyable and delicious spices and flavors. 

The tortilla itself was somewhat small, so I definitely recommend getting a second order if you are looking for a dinner size portion. However, the size is perfect if you are more interested in getting a cheap yet delicious snack. My entire order only cost $5, and the whole menu is very reasonably priced. 

It is kind of like a healthy and fresh version of Chipotle but without create your own options because the food is locally grown. Unlike Chipotle where the tortillas have a processed and artificial taste, these tortillas taste fresh and unprocessed. The fillings were unique and natural and highlighted the vegetables and side sauce beautifully. 

Chaia Tacos currently has two other locations in the D.C. area, with one in Georgetown and another in Chinatown. Overall, if you are looking for a quick, affordable meal, Chaia Tacos is the place to go.