“Sex Education” just gets better and better

An amazing new series on Netflix

Ellie Levine, Reporter

The hit Netflix show “Sex Education” recently dropped its third season, and with its release, the show has become more relevant than ever. The show follows a diverse cast of characters as they explore their relationships with sex, themselves and their peers. The show has always done a wonderful job bringing light to more issues that have repeatedly been looked over and ignored, the third season is no exception. 

To begin, the show’s inclusion of a nonbinary character was some of the best representations of this minority group I’ve ever seen. The show included a nonbinary character  Cal, played by Dua Saleh, and followed their storyline as they struggled to find their place in a strict school with enforced binaries.

Cal brought the very real struggles of nonbinary and trans students to the attention of those who have gotten to ignore this for so long. Cal’s scenes were extremely impactful and natural, making so many viewers feel less alone, seeing others go through the same struggles.

Another important part of this season was the continued focus on the assault of one of the main female characters that happened in season two. The show takes great care to show that it takes time to heal and that not being okay is okay. 

The pinnacle issue “Sex Education” followed this season was the transition to a new headmaster. The new headmaster wanted to transition the school,  which had acquired the name “sex school,” to a controlled environment. While the mission itself seems reasonable, in the process of creating conformity, she steamrolled the identity of the students.

As a result of her new rules, the students pulled  off an event that could only be described as a more explicit version of the “Born This Way” episode from “Glee.” The scene offers an opportunity for each character to shamelessly be themselves, an experience rarely held in high school. 

I do want to specify that this show contains a lot of explicit content, earning itself a mature rating. This show is most definitely not suitable for any younger viewers. 

I truly believe this season of “Sex Education” was one of the best TV shows I have ever watched and I cannot wait to see what the writers have in store moving forward. If this season was any indication, this show is only going up.