A look in the closet: A guide to some of summer 2021’s hottest fashion trends

Ellie Levine, Reporter

Graphic tees:

While graphic tees never go out of style, there is sure to be a surge of them this summer. From goofy sayings to logos, they prove to be very diverse in ways to wear. From skirts to shorts, the easy-going vibe they give off makes for a perfect summer look.

Mom jean shorts:

Last fall brought mom jeans into play, and the warm weather isn’t going to get rid of that. These long shorts provide a way to bring sophisticated, high fashion outfits to summer. They’re also a perfect pick if you need a last-minute outfit because they always create a classy look.


A monochrome outfit, where different shades of the same color are paired together, is always a perfect way to go for a sophisticated or playful look. It is a really extensive area to explore and there are so many avenues to take. There is a lot of creativity required, but that makes summer the perfect time to experiment with monochrome.

Funky pants:

A statement piece is the key to any outfit, and funky pants are the perfect choice to add to a summer ensemble. They provide a unique element that brings things to the next level and are often more comfortable than a typical pair of jean shorts. Paired with a plain top, these pants are a great choice for a distinctive look.


Chunky jewelry:

Accessories are making a big comeback this summer. They can be a simple way to elevate any look, especially with the character of big rings, chains and earrings. It’s an easy way to transform any outfit from casual to chic. There are many places to purchase these types of jewelry, although they are also relatively easy to make at home and make for a very fun art project.