Review: Netflix’s “Woman in the Window”, a psychological thriller with many twists


Amy Adams plays Anna Fox, a woman with a severe anxiety disorder, in the new Netflix film, “Woman in the Window”.

Ari Werbin-Gradel, Reporter

Released this past month on Netflix, “The Woman in the Window” hooks the viewer in from the start into a plot full of intrigue, mystery, and surprise. 

The movie revolves around protagonist Anna, who is diagnosed with Agoraphobia, a disorder in which she is unable to leave her house due to anxiety. Since she can’t go outside, she passes time watching her neighbors intently and learning everything about them.

She later goes on to meet Jane Russell, part of a family that moves into the neighborhood. Anna becomes friends with her until from her window, she sees something tragic happen to her. But when she tries to recount the story as a witness, no one believes her because of her troubled past with drinking and her psychological disorder. 

From the movie trailer and the reviews, I expected this to be a violent and frightening movie, however, this is hardly the case. The movie more so parallels a mystery in which the viewer never knows who to believe and the story becomes more intriguing at every twist. 

The movie brings the viewer on a roller coaster of emotions, never knowing what to feel at a certain moment. At some points, you will be mad at the officers for not believing Anna, other times you will wonder if Anna is really actually crazy, and finally, the end result of the movie will leave you in shock, but will also put the last puzzle piece together. 

The portrayal of the characters in the movie was the biggest reason I was able to feel all of these emotions. The emotion they showed, and the way they cried or spoke or laughed played a significant role in creating such an intriguing and real storyline.

Overall, the movie was spectacular. From the story of the movie to the acting and directing, this movie left you with suspension, anticipation, and always unease. In addition, the fact that the movie is only 1 hour and 41 minutes, makes it completely worth your time and to be honest, a must-see. If you like action, horror, suspense, but also a great storyline, this movie is for you.