Ever popular video game “Among Us” has now reached 100 million players


Photo by Eva Bard

The very popular video game “Among Us” allows users to connect with others virtually while playing a game set in space.

Jonah Beinart, Reporter

Imagine a murder mystery that you might see in a movie, but with a twist. A group of people is in a spaceship, and one, two, or three members are trying to kill the others. However, no one knows who the impostor is, and it could be you. 

At first glance, “Among Us”  really seemed like some sort of crazy murder mystery gone wrong. But after it gained popularity among famous streamers and Youtubers in 2020, it is a game that almost everybody has downloaded on their phones or computers. Although the game was released in 2018, it didn’t gain popularity until this year.

I first downloaded the game after all my friends started talking about it and became instantly confused. From my point of view, there were a bunch of brightly colored jelly beans trying to figure out which one of them was the impostor. The impostor was the person in the game who was trying to kill everyone. However, after I played a few practice rounds, I got the hang of the game.

When the game starts, you are either assigned to be a crewmate or the impostor. The crewmates’ jobs are to complete tasks around the spaceship and figure out who is the impostor. The impostor’s job is to kill everyone before getting busted by the crewmates.

In the first game I played, I was the impostor. I was able to do a variety of things, such as kill someone nearby, sabotage the oxygen or electricity and hide in vents around the map. When a body is found, it is reported by the one who found it and the discussion begins.

The crewmates only have a certain amount of time before they need to choose who they think is the impostor. If the majority of the crewmates vote for one person, they will be ejected from the spaceship. Then, a message will pop up saying whether or not the person who was voted out was actually the impostor. 

Among Us is one of those games where the people in your lobby can change the outcome of the game. Either the people will be able to figure out who the impostor is, or they will vote out the wrong people and let the impostor win. This is what made the game more enjoyable for me, and many others.

Especially during a global pandemic where in-person activities are much harder to facilitate, Among Us is able to connect people in a fun way without endangering anyone. 

Overall, I think Among Us is a really great game, especially now when we can’t do many activities in person. There are some bugs and glitches that need to be addressed, but this game is a great way to safely socialize with friends during the coronavirus pandemic.