New French-Korean restaurant impresses



Along with typical French pastries, you can also find coffee and other drinks at Paris Baguette.

Vivi Ducker, Reporter

Paris Baguette, a newly opened bakery-cafè in Rockville Town Square, serves a unique fusion of classic French pastries and Asian treats from the original chain founded in South Korea. The Paris Baguette bakery-cafès started in Seoul and are part of an international chain cooperation, with over 4,000 locations across the world and it opened in Rockville on May 4. At this cafe you can expect delicious treats 

Paris Baguette effectively fuses French pastries with traditional Korean food such as steamed bread and rice cakes and green tea and sesame. Although you may be skeptical about this fusion of flavors, Paris Baguette offers delicious treats like pastries, warm breads and beautiful cakes along with artisanally brewed coffees and teas. 

In terms of location, the cafe has ample parking and is very easy to find, right on the corner of Gibbs street. The vibe of the bakery is very modern, casual and clean with lots of bright windows and natural light. 

The interior design and seating of this cafe is very welcoming. The french-inspired seating area is perfect for the restaurant’s warm and cozy feel. Paris Baguette is self-serve, not sit down and its open self-seating is easily accessible and available. Seated at the tables beside us were families sharing a snack and students studying with their coffees, making it a picture-perfect cafe experience. 

In the center of the restaurant are a few large cases exhibiting their beautiful multicultural treats. At the beginning of the line of sweet and savory pastries, there are trays and tongs available so the customer can pick exactly what they want. Because of this self service system, this cafè is perfect for anything from a full brunch or just a snack.

As my friend and I walked into the bakery, I was immediately hit with a delightfully sweet smell that not only contributed to the cafe’s wonderful vibe, but it stimulated my hunger, making me excited for the food. My friend and I went to Paris Baguette after school at around 4:30 and it was surprisingly busy. We took the last available table and dug into our treats and drinks. 

The food was not too expensive, and based on the quality of the dishes, I felt that pricing was fair. In addition to good quality and unique food, the service and atmosphere of Paris Baguette was very welcoming and friendly. Even after going to the bakery during a weekday, there was good business in the cafe and everyone around seemed to enjoy their baked goods. 

The first pastry we selected was a simple croissant ($3.29). This classic French delight was perfectly buttery and flaky and was a joy to taste. While I wouldn’t say this is the best croissant you can find in the area, it was very good and deserves approbation. 

We next enjoyed an Asian-inspired “Matcha Mochi Donut” ($3.69). This was an incredibly unique confection with a perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness for those who don’t like to be overwhelmed with sugar. While the donut itself was sweet, the matcha glaze was a bit bitter and made for a well-rounded flavor. I enjoyed this treat but my friend did not, so I would say this was an acquired taste dessert for those who like matcha and a bit more of the bitter tastes. 

To continue our food exploration journey at Paris Baguette, we tried the incredibly enticing “Coffee Croissant Donut” ($4.89). This donut not only looked delicious, covered with butter and filled with caramel coffee syrup, it also tasted exquisite. This dessert was sweet as could be and melted in your mouth. While you might get your hands a little bit sticky and dirty while eating, it is definitely worth the mess. This confection, for me, was the highlight of my treats at this bakery.

To finish off what had been an amazing experience, we tried the classic Asian delicacy, “Sticky Milk Buns” ($3.99). These interesting and unique buns are not common to find and were unexpectedly delicious. The fluffy yet dense consistency was mouth watering and the balance of the sweet glaze overtop the unsweetened buns was impeccable. 

Along with these flavorful treats, we ordered one small iced matcha latte ($5.09) and one regular small iced latte ($4.79). These drinks were delicious and seemed to pair well with each of the pastries we sampled. The matcha was perfect to wash down the bitter delights and the latte was just the right balance to follow up the sweet desserts. 

While I do say that this bakery would likely be preferable in the mornings while the pastries are a bit more fresh, I had an amazing experience at Paris Baguette and I hope to return again. For anything from a quick snack to a full brunch, I would definitely recommend trying out Paris Baguette.