Closet sneak peek

Ellie Levine, Reporter

Sheer clothes

While sheer clothes have always been in the trend cycle, they’re getting their moment in the spotlight this spring. Sheer sets have grown in popularity lately as a sleepwear option, in addition to sheer tops and skirts for everyday wear. The added transparent aspect of any outfit seamlessly elevates the look. In terms of dressier shirts, there has been a rise in the popularity of sheer button-down shirts, which are generally worn with light tank tops underneath. They’re a great addition to any springtime outfit as they are light and comfortable to wear. 

Detailed denim

This spring, be sure to watch out for detailed denim. These items have a denim base, with appliqués or elements also made of denim. Detailed denim is generally seen in pants and jeans, but can also be seen on jackets and tube tops. Detailed denim has two layers: an appliqué on top of a denim base. The elements on the second layer can include any number of designs, from stripes and patterns to florals.  


Also making a rise this spring is metallic and silver detailing. A common trend for hardware is adding chains and rings to any outfit, or layering necklaces on top of shirts and dresses. There has also been a rise in the use of fabrics with a metallic print, seen on everything from corsets to leather pants. Pairing these accessories or patterns with a plain white or black item gives an edge to any simple outfit. 


Balletcore has truly hit its stride this spring. This trend includes elements of clothing often seen in a ballet class, including leg warmers atop ballet flats, tights and light flowy skirts, matched with cropped zip-up sweaters. These pieces can either be styled all together to create a delicate look, or mixed with dark oversized crewnecks, boots and silver accessories to create a more grunge look. As the weather starts to become warmer, balletcore is on pace to become a widespread trend due to the light, flowy clothing.