Foxtrot, new Bethesda market impresses


Photo by Cati Werbin-Gradel

When first entering Foxtrot, you can see the large cafe and market space along with people enjoying their food together or getting some work done.

Cati Werbin-Gradel, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Foxtrot, a new cafe and mini-market, has joined the variety of food shops in the center of Bethesda Row. Opening on Nov. 18, Foxtrot offers a variety of drinks, snacks, veggie bowls and baked goods through both its new location in Bethesda and its many other locations around the D.C. area. 

When first walking into the store, one does not only notice the basic cafe and bakery setup, but will also find that there is a mini supermarket filled with isles of produce. The bright lights and wooden tables that fill up the extra space in the store create a modern and contemporary atmosphere, similar to many coffee shops but different from your regular supermarket. Along with the cafe and market sections, there are many tables for sitting down as well as elevated seating facing the window.   

The market section of Foxtrot has entire sections of wine, ice creams, cookies and original Foxtrot products like snack mixes, veggie bowls, pastas and soups. There is even a small toiletry section that has skincare, vitamins and toilet paper. Throughout the store they also sell sweatshirts, tote-bags and water bottles with the Foxtrot logo on it.    

From the cafe, I ordered a medium Iced Chai Latte and bought the Foxtrot PB (peanut butter) Amore Chocolate mix and Muddy Bites, a popular ice cream themed snack from the market section. I spent $4.51 on the Latte, $8.00 on the PB Amore Chocolate mix and $6.99 on the Muddy Bites. 

The first sip of the Chai Latte was heavenly. The regular whole milk in it brought out the authentic cinnamon flavor and I was able to taste that flavor through each sip. I also think the price was good considering how unique the flavor of the Latte was for just being a regular Chai Latte.  

Next, I tried the PB Amore Chocolate mix which is unique to Foxtrot. The mix had salted peanut butter cups, peanut butter pretzels, peanut butter malt balls, peanut butter cookie dough and peanut butter pretzel clusters. Throughout each bite I was able to get a strong peanut butter and chocolate taste without being overwhelmed by the peanut butter. However, I did find it to be a little too salty, and I also think it was overpriced compared to a snack I could easily get at Starbucks. 

Lastly I tried the Muddy Bites, which I have been dying to try ever since I saw them on TikTok a few years ago but was never able to find in stores. Think of eating an ice cream cone, with the best bite being the chocolatey bottom at the end of the cone. Muddy bites are this ‘best bite’ of the cone filled with chocolate. Each mini cone is delicious and the rich chocolate flavor works very well alongside the crunch of the waffle cone. Yet, I do think that it is a bit overpriced since the bag is not very large and there is not that much product inside. 

Overall,  Foxtrot is a great addition to downtown Bethesda and is a good spot to go hangout with friends, grab something to eat and sit down to chat. Though it may be a bit pricey, the variety of options in the store makes it easy to satisfy any craving, as there is so much to offer. Foxtrot’s unique and tasty options make it simple to try a new appetizing snack or small meal and have a nice experience in the chill environment. So, next time you are in downtown Bethesda and you have a craving for a unique snack, Foxtrot is the place to go.