Hanukkah essentials


For a thoughtful touch, try adding themed wrapping paper to your gift.

Kaylah Goldrich, Sports Editor

With Hanukkah right around the corner on Dec. 18, it is time to start planning gift ideas for family and friends. Because Hanukkah lasts eight days, it is important to limit your spending, while maintaining the thoughtfulness of each gift. My strategy is to start small and build up to a larger gift. 

1.Fidgets are the perfect Hanukkah gift if you are on a budget. Not only are they incredibly entertaining, but they are cheap and widely available. Just go to your local Five Below or Target to find a variety of fidgets, or you can order a bulk package from Amazon for as little as $15. My personal favorites are stress balls and Rubix cubes from Amazon for $10 and $8 respectively.

2.While I know this seems obvious, dreidels are a great gift to give on Hanukkah. They may not be the main present, but pair them with candy and fidgets, and you have an all-around religious-friendly gift that preserves the Hanukkah tradition.

3.Have some extra money to spend? Why not gift your family or friends new technology? There is nothing better than receiving a pair of AirPods or a new speaker on Hanukkah, and if you want to go really big, maybe even a phone or computer. The Apple Store has a wide variety of items, as do Samsung and Google. 

4.With the weather getting colder, stocking up on winter clothes right now is a must. Use Hanukkah as a time to gift your family and friends with new, trendy sweaters and sweatpants. You can go to your local mall or order clothes online. I recommend brands such as American Eagle and Pacsun for high quality basics. 

5.Playing Secret Maccabi with your friends? Get them their favorite candy or desserts. Each year on Hanukkah, I always get my mom Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Candy is a cheap, easy-to-get gift that is widely appreciated. Or if you don’t feel like spending money, making sufganiyot is a perfect activity for a weekend afternoon.