Guide to the perfect press on nails

Lily Rulnick, Reporter

A fresh set of manicured nails can boost anyone’s confidence, as they allow people to feel beautiful and put together. But having consistently well-groomed nails can be both tedious and pricey, which deters many people from indulging themselves. Luckily, a trendy and inexpensive option has resurfaced: press on nails. 

Press on nails, an item that used to be included in birthday party gift bags and dollar store aisles, have taken the beauty industry by storm this past year. Especially since more intricate and detailed nail designs have become trendy in recent years, press on nails create a solution for those who don’t want to spend all their money or time sitting in a salon.

My personal favorite press on nail brand is Glamnetic, a small business that turned into one of the world’s fastest-growing companies. I love Glamnetic because of their commitment to sustainability and their wide range of styles. They manage to keep up with the latest trends, which I have found many other brands fail to do. Their nails range from $10-$20, a complete bargain compared to a typical $50 manicure. 

Another great brand is Chillhouse. While their designs tend to be more hit or miss, they feel incredibly nail-like and last for at least two weeks. Additionally, their glue is non-toxic and does not harm your nails, leaving nails feeling healthier than a gel manicure. While these are more pricey than most press on nails at $16, they are certainly worth the buy once you find a design you like. 

Impress. Some Impress nails do not require glue at all, which is perfect for those with weak or sensitive nails. Their designs range from solid colors to extravagant bejeweled pieces, so there is something for everyone. Impress is part of the umbrella company Kiss, which also has great and affordable press on nail options. Both sites’ nails range from $6-$11 and last for at least ten days. 

For those whose Pinterest boards are filled with nail art that would take hours to get done in a salon, press on nails are the perfect affordable alternative to achieve these coveted trendy styles. Especially with the holidays coming up, these suggested press on nails would make the perfect gift for the nail aficionado in your life.