Netflix’s newest high school comedy, “Do Revenge”, does not disappoint

Kaelyn Rashti, Reporter

Netflix’s “Do Revenge” is the story of two girls trying to navigate the rules and expectations of the high-stakes high school social system. The girls are both seeking revenge for different reasons. Queen bee Drea Torres is seeking revenge on her ex-boyfriend, Max Broussard, for leaking a private video she sent him. Meanwhile, the new student Eleanor Levetan finds herself in the same school as an old friend, Gabbi, who spread a rumor about her when they were younger and is looking to avenge her. 

The two girls connect unexpectedly and find themselves doing each other’s revenge, hence the title “Do Revenge.” While Drea goes after Gabbi, Eleanor prepares to fool the popular kids into believing she is one of them. Drea and Eleanor work together to undermine Drea’s former friends and to bring Max, Drea’s ex-boyfriend, down from his pedestal. 

However, the girls’ plan doesn’t fully pan out successfully, as they encounter obstacles along the way. Both Drea and Eleanor find themselves losing track of their true intentions along with the sight of who they are as people. As this happens, Max manages to take the upper hand and get under both girls’ skin. 

As the movie progresses, viewers are hit with a few enticing plot twists. These turns of events change the perspective of the movie entirely, introducing new personalities to the characters, and new conflicts between them as well. The unexpected ending seemed reasonably challenging to predict and was only lightly hinted at throughout the movie’s build-up. 

Although the heaviest tension was focused at the end of the movie, the rest of the film remained fairly fast-paced. Once the plot picked up, there weren’t many dull moments or scenes. Compared to several other coming-of-age movies, “Do Revenge” maintained a fast-paced plot with many hidden messages underlying the comedic aspects of the film. 

While the movie as a whole seemed slightly cliche, it included just the right amount of uniqueness. The language consisted of an even mix of modern slang references and ‘90s pop-culture references. The film tied in several aspects of the classic ‘90s coming-of-age movies and trends but updated them for the next generation. 

On the surface, the movie held a cheery, happy tone while maintaining an underlying dark message throughout. This allowed the audience to pick up on some sneaky — almost hidden — themes kept within the plot. A few of these themes were to always trust your instincts, be aware of your surroundings and peers, don’t make sacrifices for social status, and to choose your friends wisely. 

Overall, the movie had a quick pace and an engaging plot that kept viewers on the edge of their seats. Although it has its downsides, the movie seems to spread an important message to our generation while keeping the wake-up call subtle. “Do Revenge” is a great option to add to your watch list.