Without big parties, Super Bowl watchers find new ways to make the game fun


photo by Aaron Gallo

Without any parties to attend, many families got creative with their Super Bowl meals.

Max Schwartz, Reporter

Although Super Bowl LV was still played amidst the pandemic, many had to watch and enjoy the game differently than they normally would. Many who would have previously held large super bowl parties had to get creative this year to find new solutions. 

The Super Bowl, which serves as the championship game between the two best teams in the NFL, is the largest sporting event of the year, with an estimated 99.9 million viewers tuning in to watch the game every year. To interest those who are less passionate about football, the Super Bowl holds a massive singing performance during the halftime break, while also showing many entertaining commercials during the other breaks within the game. 

Many people, such as freshman Ari Werbin, traditionally hold Super Bowl parties in their houses with friends and family. However, because watching inside with others was not a safe option this year, Werbin watched the game outside on a projector with a small group of friends.

Although it was freezing outdoors, Werbin and his friends still managed to have an enjoyable time. They watched the entire game while noshing on kosher chicken nuggets and pigs in a blanket. 

“I usually go to a big party inside with much more things to do, but I think this year was so fun because it was very simple,” Werbin said. “Just the game and some friends.”

Sophomore Ari Platt also had a different Super Bowl experience this year. Rather than watching the game with a large group of friends, Platt stayed home and watched the game with his dad. 

“Normally, my family either goes somewhere or has people over, and it was definitely a very different atmosphere, being at home by ourselves,” Platt said.

While the viewing experiences were different this year, the game still went on as usual. Many believed that this would be a competitive game, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers trounced the Kansas City Chiefs, beating them by a score of 31-9. The highly anticipated matchup of star quarterbacks Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes turned out to be a huge letdown, as the Bucs stifling defense held Mahomes in check all night. 

Although the game itself was a dud, the halftime show drew massive interest. This year, pop star The Weeknd was the lead act, delivering a performance that has been a source of great debate. Many remain conflicted over whether the performance was good or not, but sophomore Samantha Eidelman was definitely a fan.

“I thought the halftime show was pretty good. It was entertaining, and the music was good especially considering everything was live,” Eidelman said.

Another Super Bowl party tradition is to throw a huge feast, with meals typically including chips, dips and many fun appetizers.  Platt and his family typically make a huge meal when friends are invited over. However, this year was more laid back, as they enjoyed some chips and guacamole and a teriyaki chicken. 

 “The Super Bowl meal is one of my favorite meals of the year. The meal was more low-key this year, but it still tasted really good,” Platt said.

This year, viewers had to find new ways to keep the game interesting. People were able to keep themselves entertained by making small prop bets, eating good food and enjoying the other productions. 

“The game was super fun, not because of the actual game, but because I could spend time with my friends and do small money bets,” Werbin said.