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The Lion's Tale

Lt. Col. Avi Levi presents on the Israel Air Defense System.
JDS hosts speakers from Israeli Embassy
Mia Forseter, Sports Editor • May 22, 2024

Following Yom HaZikaron and Yom Ha'atzmaut, CESJDS invited three speakers from the Israeli embassy to further inform students about Israel and...

Joe Vogel speaking out to the community. Photo from
It takes a village
Adam Salomon, Reporter • May 22, 2024

While, door-to-door campaigning, Junior Rafi Seigel knocks on the door of a family household in Maryland’s sixth district, asking them to vote...

Sophomore Oliver Silver teaches his grandparents what hes been learning in math this year.
Dor L' Dor Day
Gila Safra, Reporter • May 22, 2024

Summer vs. winter
Summer vs. winter
Eliana Abrams and Maya GreenblumMay 20, 2024

Lions hold up banner after defeating Sandy Spring in the championship.
Varsity softball wins championship two years in a row
Tyler Portnoy, Reporter • May 19, 2024

Crack. The bat hits the ball and sophomore Carrine Shemesh sprints towards first base as sophomore Eliana Wolf crosses the plate, scoring the...

The baseball team has two managers who can be found at the majority of the baseball teams games, Jordan Levy (‘24) and junior Josh Berl.
All bases covered: managers support the baseball team
Vivi Ducker, Features Editor • May 17, 2024

When in attendance at any of the CESJDS varsity baseball team’s games this year, next to the players on the bench, the baseball team managers....

Iranian attack on Israel

Maya Greenblum
Local Jewish communities show their support for Israel from afar.

Alarms sounded across Israel at around 2 a.m. on April 14, just hours after Iran shot over 300 ballistic and cruise missiles and drones into southern Israel. Iran’s attack was in response to Israel’s April 1 airstrike on an Iranian base in Syria which killed seven Iranian officials, including two senior officers who were involved in the Hamas attack on Israel on Oct. 7. 

This was the first time that Iran directly attacked Israel from its own territory. Threats were also sent by Iran from its bases in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, pushing the Middle East closer to a region-wide war.

Many anticipated a response from Iran after Israel’s offense on April 1, as well as the threats that Iran has made toward Israel since the Israel-Hamas War began. Once Israel became aware of Iran’s strike, officials began to prepare to defend the territory from the attack using Israel’s advanced technology to protect its citizens. The Iron Dome, Israel’s air defense system, intercepted an estimated 99 percent of launches from Iran. Additionally, the U.S., Jordan and the United Kingdoms helped intercept estimated dozens of drones and missiles. 

“Our defense systems are deployed, and we are prepared for any scenario, both in defense and offense,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a public statement on April 14. “The State of Israel is strong, the IDF is strong, the public is strong.”

Iran’s attack has only magnified the conflict between Israel and Hamas, a U.S.-designated terrorist organization. A potential war much greater than the current one has led to fear among Israeli citizens and CESJDS graduates who are currently on their Irene and Daniel Simpkins Senior Capstone Israel Trip, yet people maintain faith in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). 

“I am someone who has complete trust in the IDF,” Senior Capstone Israel Trip attendee and senior Nate Shemony said. “I know, especially after October 7, that the IDF knows what they’re doing, and it’s going to keep us safe.”

Many European countries, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France and the U.S. have made statements supporting Israel,while many Middle Eastern nations such as Lebanon and Syria have stood firm in their support for Iran. Any further escalation of the war could lead to further casualties on either side. 

Regardless, Iran has made clear that they do not want any involvement outside of the Middle East on Israel’s part. In a statement on X (formerly Twitter), the “U.N. Mission of Iran to the UN” account claimed that the retaliation was a response to the Iranian embassy attack and that “the matter can be deemed concluded.”

“However, should the Israeli regime make another mistake, Iran’s response will be considerably more severe,” the statement continued. “It is a conflict between Iran and the rogue Israeli regime, from which the U.S. MUST STAY AWAY!” 

According to this statement, if Israel attacks again, Iran’s response will be “considerably more severe.” However, this hasn’t shaken the Israeli government. Netanyahu has made Israel’s principle clear: “Anyone who hits us, we hit them.”As the war magnifies, the world waits to see what steps are taken next, whether it be from Israel, Iran or another country. 

“It just really hurts me to see my country in such a situation right now but, it also makes me very happy to see the ways that we overcome these situations,” Shemony said. “So, my hope is for the Israeli people to keep their spirits up because I think that’s so important during this time.”

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