Psychology class returns


screenshot by Maya Preuss

JDS administrators quickly backtracked after saying that psychology would not be offered next school year.

Maya Preuss, News Editor

Psychology class will now be offered as an academic elective for the 2020-2021 school year at both enriched college placement and advanced levels. 

The administration told students in a meeting held for the Class of 2021 last week that psychology class would not be offered for the upcoming school year, but this decision was quickly reversed in an email sent out to sophomores and juniors, in which Dean of Academics Aileen Goldstein informed students that the course will be offered. 

However, it is not guaranteed that both ECP and ADV levels, if any, will run. Also, after reassessing course offerings a few years ago, it will now be offered to both juniors and seniors when it used to only be offered to seniors. 

Over the past ten years, there have been two or three years that the class has not run, one being the current school year. 

There are many considerations before deciding to offer a class that ranges from the budget capacity to student interest and classroom availability. 

“While we cannot promise that the course will run or who the teacher will be, I can guarantee that if there is enough interest in the class we will absolutely do our best to make it happen and to ensure it is taught by a qualified teacher,” Goldstein said.

Because CESJDS offers around 150 high school courses, it is difficult to determine which of those will have student interest and will work logistically. In the case that JDS is unable to offer the class there is also a psychology online course option which will be available if the class cannot be offered at JDS. 

“I think that it’s valuable for students to learn the content of an introductory psychology class. I think there’s definitely value to it,” High School Principal and Associate Head of School Dr. Marc Lindner said. 

Currently, there are a number of teachers at JDS who are qualified to teach the class, including history teacher Matt Cohen, but no decisions have been made. Schedules are expected to be made and finalized by the middle of the summer, which is also when teachers are chosen to teach specific classes.

Many students have expressed interest in taking psychology and were happy to know that it is now being offered. 

“I think that it’s an interesting subject and a class that most high schools offer. It’s a common subject to major in in college and if it’s available, JDS should offer classes especially to seniors that will be useful for many to pursue a career,” junior Carrie Hirsch, who plans to major in psychology in college, said.