Late students caught signing in under fictitious names


photo by Matthew Rabinowitz

Four or five students have been signing in late under the names of other students, but were caught by the security guards and the front desk secretary.

Maya Preuss, Assistant News Editor

Four or five high school students have been signing in using names other than their own when entering school late, prompting a statement from Dean of Students Roslyn Landy that there will be punishments such as detention and suspension in the future for this conduct. 

When students arrive late to school, they must sign in at the security desk with their name and sign a late pass to give to their teacher. Then, at around 10 a.m., the security guard and front desk secretary compare the sign-in sheet from the security desk with the list of absent students to make sure the names are compatible. However, there have been discrepancies that security cameras have caught. 

“It’s a thing called integrity, creed and honor. They didn’t uphold any of them so it is not a good look for any of them, especially students,” security guard supervisor Sherman Phillips said. 

These have not been the first occurrences of students using a different name to try and avoid being marked late since Landy has been at CESJDS; however, it has not happened this often. 

Steve* tries to avoid getting tardies by signing a different name. Students are allowed four unexcused tardies per quarter before receiving detention on their fifth. 

“When I come to school late and I have the opportunity to write different names and not be late I would take that opportunity because if you get a certain amount of tardies you get a detention,” Steve said, “It’s just an easy way to avoid that.”

There is also a major security concern with students signing in under different names because the faculty needs to know who is in and out of the building at all times. Student identification cards have been used in past years however they were not successful since a large number of students often misplaced or forgot them. 

Students have also been caught entering the building through side doors trying to avoid receiving tardies, who will also be punished. 

“I hope that our students would be respectful of the school rules and more honest and responsible when they are late rather than trying to get away with something,” Landy said. “Our school has a very lenient late policy. We allow five lates each quarter which is twenty lates during the year.  This is far more generous than most schools.”

Students are expected to be in class by 8 a.m., otherwise, they will be counted late. 

“Writing a fictitious name is not only breaking the rules, it is disregarding the values of our school.  If you are expected to be in school on time and you are late, you need to take responsibility for being late,” Landy said. 

*Name has been changed to protect the student’s anonymity.