Season recap: varsity baseball


photo by Adam Drexler

The varsity baseball team ended their season with a semifinal loss to St. Anselm’s, finishing the season at 6-3.

Mischa Trainor, Reporter

The varsity baseball team’s season ended last Wednesday with a semifinal loss to St. Anselm’s. They completed their season with a record of 6-3.

The team began the season with strong defensive skills and has worked on improving their offense and hitting throughout the season by practicing and hard work.

“[The team] defensively was sound; they played solid defense. They had minimal errors this season. Offensively, it was a big jump from last year,” coach Steve Forestieri said. “That was due to the all the repetitions and the hours that they put in over the winter, and it showed quite a bit this spring.”

The team supported each other during games, even when they were losing. When they were down in a game, players would encourage each other to stay focused and keep trying. In their quarterfinal game against Hebrew Academy, they were down 4-1 late in the game but were able to catch up, winning the game 9-4.

“They focused, stayed positive and picked each other up,” Forestieri said. “Seeing them overcome that obstacle [made me proud] whereas sometimes that could be a tough bounce back for teams, and it was against some decent pitching.”

In their semifinal game, the Lions played St. Anselm’s, the top team in the league. The first time they played St. Anselm’s they lost 15-3, but the Lions were leading 2-0 until the fifth inning and only lost 6-2.

“We started out [the season] a little bit iffy, but then we really strengthened and came together. We had a really good middle and end of the regular season and into the playoffs,” junior and co-captain Zach Gross said. “Our first playoff game was a very good game; we came from behind [and] we had a good team victory. [During] the semifinals we started out very well, but then we collapsed in the end. Sadly that was the end of the season.”