Boys varsity basketball pull away in big win vs the Mclean Mustangs

Tal Arber, Guest Writer

With the game on the line, senior guard Dani Offer rushed the ball upcourt and made an acrobatic layup, drawing a foul. With just three minutes left in the game, the move put the CESJDS Lions up six points over the Mclean Mustangs. This point led the Lions to a victory over the Mustangs in a hard-fought game.

Although it was a tight game, the Lions pulled away with a win with a score of 70-62. Sophomore and forward Ariel Gershman led the team with 28 points and made multiple three-pointers to advance the Lions to their win.

The Lions’ aggressive playing and strategic ball movement allowed them to find an open scorer to shoot the ball. Fouls were committed on both sides of the court, giving both teams points at the foul line.

The Lions played a tough defense against the Mustangs, enabling them to force many turnovers and breakaway chances. Late in the second quarter, senior guard Zev Katz went to the basket and made an acrobatic layup. The team’s second-chance points allowed them to have a lead of 31-27 at halftime.

At the beginning of the second half, the Lions continued to capitalize on their defense. Although this game plan had worked throughout the game so far, the Mustangs pulled away with a four-point lead, but not for long. The Lion’s’ took back the lead towards the end of the third quarter, leaving the score at 51-44.

Sophomore guard Brian Epstein emphasized the gratitude he had for the team’s hard work on the court. This win put the Lions at a record of two wins and one loss in the PVAC.

“Overall I think we played really well, we distributed the ball all around and got good looks to players like Ariel [Gershman] and Zev [Katz] and so we just played great basketball today,” Epstein said.

Although the Mustangs were able to make a couple of jumps shot three-pointers, sophomore Ariel Gershman continued to shine on the offensive side along with Katz. After a couple of free throw shots and defensive stops, the Lions then pulled away with the win with the score at 70-62.

Coach David McCloud emphasized the Lions’ efforts and defensive plays in Monday night’s game, as the Lions got their second win of the season.

“We did pretty good, we didn’t rebound well the first half, and we gave up a lot of extra baskets and we look to improve getting back on defense and making teams play against a set defense,” McCloud said.