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The Lion's Tale

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The Lion's Tale

Considering the high rates of cybercrime, people should keep their social media accounts private.
Share with care: People should keep social media accounts private
Leora Blumenthal, Reporter • February 29, 2024

As I scroll through Instagram, I see User 1981918 commented on a girl my age’s post, “go do the world a favor and kill yourself.” I imagine...

Israels most recent Eurovision win was in 2018, when Netta performed Toy. Photo used with permission.
Opinion: Israel should still participate in Eurovision
Aliza Bellas, Managing Editor, Copy • February 28, 2024

Just ten days ago, I stood in a crowd of over 3,000 Jewish teens watching Noa Kirel perform her hit Eurovision song, “Unicorn.” Although...

Ninio (far right) and family traveled Puerto Rico over winter break during Ninios time at JDS. Photo provided by Gili Schisterman.
JDS welcomes Israeli students relocated due to Israel-Hamas War
Maya Greenblum and Jordana DauberFebruary 28, 2024

As soon as Hamas’ attack on Israel occurred on Oct. 7, the realities of Israeli citizens were flipped upside down, causing a number of unprecedented...

“Invincible” Continues To Pack a Punch
The animation of the series makes it especially enjoyable to watch. Photo from

The trope of a teenage superhero navigating both childhood and crime is well-trodden ground at this point. Whether it’s Spider-Man protecting the streets of New York or Robin fearlessly fighting crime by Batman’s side, the concept has fed its way into numerous movies and TV shows. But no show employs this idea quite as cleverly as “Invincible,” now in its second season on Amazon Prime. 

“Invincible” differentiates itself through clever character work, stellar action and excellent animation. Season two, part one, follows young superhero Invincible, whose true identity is Mark Greyson, (son of the Earth’s greatest superhero Omni-Man) as he navigates a colorful superhero-filled world with a healthy dose of darkness beneath the surface. While fighting crime he also experiences common teenage drama with friends, girlfriends and parents.

The action of the season is continuously excellent, destructive, violent and incredibly fun. This differentiates it from other pieces of superhero-related shows and movies that tend to sugarcoat the on-screen violence. The less violent action is incredible as well, with it looking consistently fun and well-animated.

Despite this, the season falls short in its pacing, with the A and B plots often feeling loosely juggled and confusing. Regardless of this minor hiccup, the show’s second season is an excellent and fun watch for anyone with the time.

The violent, emotional and visual maturity of the show helps to give it a unique identity among other pieces of superhero entertainment. Entertainment which rarely possesses the same level of realistic and mature storytelling that Invincible has. Because of this I would recommend the show more for mature students.

The animation of the season is excellent, with the style of it harkening back to ‘90s superhero cartoons with a comic book-esque feel. The season’s animation only falters in its blend of 2D characters and 3D backgrounds which occasionally looks strange and unnatural. The character design is incredible, with all the characters looking creative, quirky and fun. 

The voice acting by Steven Yeun as Invincible and Sandra Yeoh as Debbie Greyson as these characters continue to encapsulate the varying tone of the show; from comedic to dramatic, the acting always captures the mood perfectly. The voice acting by J.K. Simmons stands out among all else, with his voice truly embodying the character of Omni Man and enabling the viewer to truly feel the character rather than just observing it. 

Overall the characters of the show are well-written and relatable. The emotionally powerful secondary plot involving Debbie Greyson helps to keep the audience grounded in reality while plots with Invincible and Atom Eve bring the audience into the Marvel and DC-like comic book superhero world of the show. The struggles of Invincible as a growing teenager feel relatable and consistently grounded while perfectly balanced with the more outlandish elements of the show. 

This plot-based balancing act, however, is rarely executed successfully throughout the season. The tone of the season often feels strange and rushed, with its transition between deep and depressing story-telling and more lighthearted and comedic storytelling often feeling odd.

Regardless of these flaws, the season’s high points outweigh its low points. It’s a truly unique piece of superhero entertainment. Its excellent action, character work and incredible animation make it a worthy binge-watch for anyone.

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