12 new tracks going on “30”

Adele’s long-awaited album does not disappoint

Lilli Libowitz, Assistant Opinion Editor

Grappling with the aftermath of guilt, sadness and shame from her divorce, Adele released “30,” her most intimate album yet, on Nov. 19. The album is brutally honest, as Adele expresses emotions of grief, depression and loneliness we all can relate to. This utter candor makes “30” Adele’s best album so far.

The album is focused on Adele’s divorce from Simon Konecki, her ex-husband and the father of her son, Angelo. While Adele is on good terms with Konecki as they co-parent and live in the same neighborhood, the singer has clearly endured much pain from their split. In a Rolling Stone interview, Adele said, “I just didn’t like who I was” in her marriage. The goal of this album is to explain the divorce to her nine-year-old son.

These feelings are mainly addressed in one of my favorite songs on the album, “I Drink Wine.” The song is about Adele reflecting on how she couldn’t love herself or be in a relationship until she resolved her own issues. She goes on to explain how she struggled with drinking during the split, hence the title of the song. 

“How can one become so bounded by choices that somebody else makes?” she sings. “How come we’ve both become a version of a person we don’t even like?” These raw lyrics are thought-provoking and catchy. I especially like how Adele sings each chorus differently in this song, which gives a ‘60s vibe. 

Adele expresses her depression again on “Cry Your Heart Out.” In this song, Adele takes responsibility for ending her marriage. She reveals her continued numbness from the split in her heartfelt lyrics saying, “I have nothing to feel no more, I can’t even cry.” In the beginning of the song it is clear that Adele is struggling with depression, but at the end she sings that she found herself again. While these lyrics sound heart-wrenching, the song is set up to such an upbeat tempo because it simultaneously serves as  a celebration of self-growth and moving on. 

My favorite song on the album is “Easy on Me.” Adele released this ballad on Oct. 15 in anticipation of the album release. This song reminds me of her past hits like “Chasing Pavements” and “Rolling in the Deep.” “Easy on Me” reveals Adele’s newfound maturity as an artist as she confronts more complex themes. This song is one I could totally picture myself blasting in the car. 

While I loved the album as a whole, I really disliked “Strangers by Nature,” as it was too experimental for me. This song is a tribute to Judy Garland and truly sounds like something that was meant to be in “The Wizard of Oz.” The song felt out of place on this album. I won’t be listening to it again, unlike the other songs on “30.” 

Adele collaborated with Max Martin and Shellback to create her hit, “Can I Get It.” This song is fun and energetic. I had high expectations for this collaboration, and the number certainly did not disappoint. 

Nonetheless, the standout on this album is “My Little Love.” This is the most raw and powerful Adele song I have ever heard. It perfectly depicts the story of a mother explaining her divorce to her child. 

This song includes excerpts of conversations Adele and her son have had, such as her son saying, “Oi, I feel like you don’t love me,” before she responds, “You know mummy doesn’t like anyone else like I like you, right?” This song also expresses Adele’s pain as she is on the phone talking about how she is “hungover,” “wants to crawl up into a ball” and “feels lonely when she never feels lonely.” This song humanizes the pop star and gives the listener a glimpse into her life.

This album is cohesive and genuinely depicts the process of grief and moving on. I highly recommend listening to “30.” It is an experience truly unlike any other.