New carpool system irritates student drivers


Photo by Matan Silverberg

The carpool line running through the student parking lot as students try to leave school.

Matan Silverberg, Sports Editor

The new carpool system received backlash from students and faculty who are frustrated with its inefficiency. The administration has been working to adjust the system and help carpool run more smoothly. 

“The system did not used to be this bad,” senior Mira Beinart said. “If you park in the first or second row [of the student parking lot], it is impossible to get out because there are parents parked all the way through the parking lot.”

According to the Dean of Students Roz Landy, the early dismissals due to holidays have contributed to increased crowds in the parking lot after school. 

In addition, less people are taking public transportation and buses because of COVID-19  concerns, which creates a greater number of cars in the lot. 

“My parents were always really strict about COVID, and when we started going back to school they started driving us because they did not want me and my sisters on the metro,” senior Sean Rich said. 

Landy noted that in previous years, a significant majority of students stayed after school for extracurricular activities. However as a result of the new safety precautions, many clubs are not meeting after school. Dismissal is therefore less staggered and consequently, more crowded. 

“It feels like things are different now,” Jewish History Department Chair Aaron Bregman said. “If I have to leave school immediately, it seems to take longer than past years.”

Students are also bothered by the lack of staff present in the parking lots during arrival and dismissal, especially since all of the students are relatively new drivers. 

“It would make things much better if there could be more people directing us. The system would be much more organized,” junior Jamin Weiss said.” Right now, I feel like there is a lack of people telling me what to do.”

In response to the disapproval, the administration has been working to improve the system. Bus lanes, which had originally been designated for buses only, are now open to all student and parent drivers, and extra staff were assigned to the parking lot to help carpool smoothly. 

“Please know we are working on it,” High School Principal Dr. Lisa Vardi said.