Opinion: Biden’s presidency is a breath of fresh air


"Vice President Joe Biden visit to Israel March 2016" by U.S. Embassy Jerusalem is licensed under CC

President Joseph R. Biden has served for 43 days during the impeachment trial and vaccine rollout.

Eitan Malkus, Arts and Entertainment Editor

While watching the news last night, the breaking news story was “Senate seeks to pass 1.9 trillion dollar COVID relief bill.” While many would gloss over the story, it was reassuring and refreshing for me to see news that didn’t have to do with our president. 

Throughout former President Donald J. Trump’s term, it seemed he dominated the news cycle every day, from his two impeachment trials to his contentious nomination of Justice Amy Coney Barrett. With Trump dominating the front pages, it was hard to focus on information about the country and its many issues. 

It’s reassuring to see how newly-elected President Joseph R. Biden has handled the news cycles; mostly staying out of the spotlight and letting our elected officials do their jobs to solve issues that exist within our divided country. Without Trump deflecting the news to himself constantly, it has allowed important issues like climate change, the COVID-19 vaccines and equality to take a front seat. 

From the beginning of Biden’s term, it was clear he exuded a decorous quality and honored the office he was entering, unlike our past president. He began with signing many executive orders, reversing contentious Trump decisions and spreading a message of unity among a nation bitterly divided. 

His first day illustrated his experience and preparedness like no other president has. It allowed me and many others to feel hope for the direction and future of the country for the first time in many years. 

In addition, during former President Trump’s second impeachment trial, Biden took a backseat, allowing senators to do their jobs in presenting an argument without his interference. Even while the trial did not pan out the way the president hoped, it served as an important turning point, dismissing a broken presidency. 

While he has encountered roadblocks like any other president, he has handled them with grace and honor, in a time when the country needs a strong and capable leader. When presented with the most challenges a modern-day president has, he introduced a COVID-19 relief bill backed by a majority of the country’s electorate, promised to inoculate most of the American public by the end of the summer and proposed a safe plan to open schools. 

In addition to these promises, concrete actions have been taken by his administration, such as re-joining the Paris Climate Accord and the World Health Organization. In addition, Biden strove for halting deportations in his first 100 days, however this was blocked by a Trump-appointed judge. 

The president also hosted a Town Hall on Feb. 16, listening to the concerns of citizens and signaling a shift to illustrate the voices of the people. Biden has successfully done this by prioritizing the needs of the people instead of his personal desires and grievances. 

In addition, Biden has taken large strides in his nominations and appointments for various cabinet positions. His nominations are among the most diverse in modern history. Once confirmed, his staff will be 55% non-white and 45% female and contain the first Native American cabinet secretary and the first openly-gay confirmed cabinet secretary. 

These picks showcase not only his experience to pick reliable candidates, but also his meticulous approach to fully represent the diversity of the country in his cabinet. 

Former President Trump’s cabinet sharply contrasted Biden’s picks. 82% of Trump’s cabinet nominees were white males and 32% came to Washington, D.C. with no past government experience. 

Having Biden at the helm has allowed many to take a breath after a contentious and stressful four years. His leadership so far has illustrated his vast experience and his ability to be a successful commander-in-chief. 

While Biden may not be remembered for being flashy and extravagant, he has successfully fulfilled the needs of the people thus far in his term even as there is much more work to be done. At this point, it is more important to have a leader such as President Biden that gets things done than a leader that is there for the spectacle.