Ten ways to stay entertained while social distancing


photo by Matan Silverberg

Matan Silverberg’s baking soda volcano explodes. He made it with his siblings to pass the time while socially distancing at home. Doing creative activities with siblings is just one of many ways to occupy yourself during this period.

Matan Silverberg, Reporter

  1. Brighten the day of your neighbors.

    Especially for people living alone, being stuck at home is very isolating and difficult. Do something for your neighbors like offering to take out the trash, delivering a bouquet of flowers cut from your garden or just putting a card in their mailboxes. It will brighten their days and make them feel less alone.
  2. Keep a coronavirus journal.

    This is history. Years from now, people will want to know what it was like to live during these challenging times. Keep a coronavirus journal and write about your experiences. Journaling can also be helpful to mental health, especially during this stressful and unusual time.
  3. Plan a fun activity for a younger sibling.

    Staying at home can be especially hard for little kids so to keep them occupied, plan a fun activity for your little brother or sister. You could create an at-home spa day, obstacle course or a baking soda volcano. Even better, involve your sibling in making it happen.
  4. Destress with coloring pages.

    Adapting to a new lifestyle can be stressful for everyone. Take an hour to color or doodle just for fun. It is relaxing and will help calm your mind. You can download some by clicking
    here and here.
  5.  Learn how to play an instrument.

    In response to the coronavirus, many companies are offering free online music lessons so pick an instrument you’ve always wanted to play and give it a shot.
    Grab that guitar gathering dust in your basement, ask a friend to borrow theirs or purchase one online. You can purchase instruments at Musician’s Friend and find online music lessons at Lesson Face.
  6. Watch a live stream concert.

    Many artists are streaming performances from their homes and creating free concerts. Check out
    this schedule to find online concerts are coming up.
  7. Give your pets more attention.

    Take advantage of being home by taking time to bond with your pet. Spend time walking your dog, snuggling with your cat on the couch or giving attention to whatever pet you have. If you don’t have a pet, with everyone in the house to help,
    this is a great time to foster. Check out Humane Rescue Alliance or City Dogs Rescue.
  8. Play a video game with a friend.

    After a long day of school work, a great way to wind down and have fun is to play a video game with a friend. “There are infinite ways to play online games with friends such as playing on a game console, such as a PS4, Xbox or Nintendo Switch , your computer or finding a phone game that allows friends to play each other. You can have some healthy competition while also catching up.
  9. Get creative in the kitchen.

    With so many restaurants closed, now is a perfect time to learn to cook. An amazing way to do this is to think of a food that you love to eat at a restaurant and find a similar recipe online.
  10.  Watch something with your friends on Netflix Party.

    If you want to spend some time with friends while watching your favorite show, Netflix Party is the solution. A Google Chrome extension, Netflix Party allows many people to watch Netflix together with a chat bar on the side to communicate.