Podcasts to play

Lena Nadaner , Editor-in-Chief

Whether you’re stuck in traffic, doing the dishes or on the treadmill, one can always count on an interesting podcast to transform these mundane tasks into much-needed entertainment. Listen to these captivating podcasts and allow yourself to be fully immersed in the episode, leaving your worries behind.

1. Improve yourself and learn from fascinating people

Jordan Harbinger, a lawyer turned podcast interviewer, has thorough interviews with people from athletes to North-Korean escape artists. The show is highly organized with episode transcripts, access to the episode’s resources and starter packs with clusters of episodes in categories like “abnormal psychology” and “cyber warfare.” In addition, the show has a segment called “Feedback Friday,” where Harbinger and producer Gabriel Mizrahi guide listeners through relatable and amusing dilemmas in their lives. This segment benefits listeners because the hosts give intelligent solutions to these issues which listeners can apply to their everyday lives.

2. Insight into business strategies of successful people and the taboo world of money

Jason Tartick dives into the financial and business side of exciting careers in his podcast “Trading Secrets.” Using his connections as a contestant on The Bachelor, Tartick interviews experts on niche topics to get the inside scoop on the often hushed-up or overcomplicated financial world. At the end of each episode, the guest will reveal a “trading secret” that listeners can use to achieve financial and career success. I love this podcast because Tartick’s inquisitive nature allows him to obtain valuable perspectives from successful people and his pleasant attitude is truly enjoyable when listening to the show.

3. The unfiltered truth about politics and culture

Former New York Times and Wall Street Journal journalist Bari Weiss hosts fascinating conversations about American society with diverse perspectives and unbiased takes. These in-depth conversations range from the artificial intelligence debate to a round-up of recent news. Weiss ignores political boundaries and seeks the truth by hosting discussions with high-profile people, such as Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu on hot-button issues. “Honestly with Bari Weiss” is for listeners who aim to escape biases and cliches to get a deeper understanding of American society.