Music makes us

Ari Werbin-Gradel, Sports Editor


Junior Sela Wertlieb’s current favorite album is “Give or Take” by Giveon. Wertlieb likes that the music in the album is soothing and beautiful, like in her favorite song from the album, “dec 11th.” This album is particularly special to her because it helps her calm down, as well as reminisce about memories. “This album is special to me because I went to see him in concert and it was for this album tour and I share a lot of experiences with my close friends because of this album,” Wertleib said. 

NBA Youngboy

While some people listen to mellow music to chill out, senior Max Schwartz said that intense rap calms him down. His favorite artist is NBA Youngboy and Schwartz listens to him almost exclusively. His favorite Youngboy album is “AI Youngboy 2,” which Schwartz says is a great album with a combination of meaningful lyrics and catchy beats. “I really enjoy this album because it makes me feel like myself. When I’m listening to this album, I just feel really good,” Schwartz said. 

Harry Styles

For some people, the music they listen to becomes a constant in their life, like senior Lindsay Shell, who listens to pop. While she loves One Direction and The Weeknd, her number one artist is Harry Styles, who she has followed since he was in One Direction. Her favorite album is the self-titled “Harry Styles.” “I feel a strong connection towards Harry and I’ve loved him since I was young. I’ve seen him in concert four times,” Shell said “Listening to his music motivates me to keep going.” Whether she’s doing homework or listening to him with friends, Shell always finds a way to enjoy his music in any scenario. 


Junior Sam Sharp’s  favorite artists are Drake, Juice World and J Cole. However, as he is trying to expand his music taste, his current favorite album, “SOS” by SZA, does not follow this pattern of rappers. Sharp enjoys slow music that has a pop-like feeling to it, such as his favorite song on the album, “Open Arms.” “SOS’’ helps him relax; though it reaches far out of his comfort zone, Sharp really enjoys the music and listens to it on repeat daily. “It is a good album for many different moods,” Sharp said.