Club of the Month: Current Events Club


Daniela Abrams

Club President Ari Blumenthal talks about sport events during Friday lunch.

Daniela Abrams, Editor-In-Chief

Friday lunches are currently filled up with the Current Events club. The club combines comedy with education through slideshows pertaining to that week’s most recent events. In addition to national news, students present local news related to the school’s most recent events, but with a comedic twist.

As part of their comedy bit, students will often find small, irrelevant events and present them to the club as pieces of news that have a great impact on society’s well-being. 

Junior Evan Pearlman presented the club idea to junior Ari Blumenthal the day before the club fair. The next day, they walked around the club fair and received almost 60 signatures from students who signed up for the club. 

“We wanted to create a club that goes over the week’s news events but does not bore people, Pearlman said. “Sometimes we also find very random and small real things to research like a Pakistani cricket team which has kind of become a meme in our club.”

Each Friday the club is filled with almost 40 students. While it can often be chaotic, Adviser and Jewish Text Teacher Paul Blank enjoys the excitement that fills the room. 

“They are able to skip from doing something more serious to doing something light and entertaining. …They definitely do their homework and think through the things they want to present,” Blank said. 

Despite the club being run by juniors, it is filled with students from all grades. Both Pearlman and Blumenthal provide the underclassmen with opportunities to present slides on different current events topics. 

“It’s a great cross-grade bonding activity. I look forward to it every week because there are always new things and I enjoy laughing and bonding over jokes with both the juniors and seniors as well as my friends,” Sophomore Yedidyah Milner Gillers said. 

The Current Events club has quickly become one of the most popular clubs in the school. The presidents hope to continue to grow it and add alternative ways of getting students more involved in the world’s current events. 

“I think it is important to give these students a voice to talk about different topics that are important to them,” Pearlman said. “Most importantly, it almost always gets a laugh out of all the other students and is a great way to bring together the high school.