Boulangerie Christophe opens new location in Cabin John Shopping Village


Photo by Lena Nadaner, LT

The cafe has a wonderful array of French treats.

Lena Nadaner, Features editor

Boulangerie Christophe brought its authentic French cuisine and bakery to Cabin John Shopping Village with its beautiful display cases and outdoor seating. 

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted with a display of lovely cakes, pastries, sandwiches, salads and breads, as well as an elegant atmosphere cool enough to refresh me from the heat. 

Although the shop’s setup is pleasing to the eye, it is chaotic because customers didn’t know where to stand in line and employees looked overwhelmed. Despite there being many customers, it did not take long for me to be helped. The employee who helped me was kind and handled my large order efficiently. However, it is clear that the new establishment is still trying to get into the groove of managing many people and orders simultaneously. 

For a savory start, I got the avocado toast which was my favorite dish (even better than the desserts). I loved the texture of the crunchy baguette with the creamy avocado, moist lox and tomato. All the ingredients tasted fresh, and the hint of lemon in the sandwich sealed the deal as the best avocado toast I have ever tried. 

Next, I tried a French classic: a croissant. The crispy outside and soft pastry on the inside provided the perfect combination of fluffiness and crunch to the croissant. One bite into the buttery treat made me feel like I was in Paris. 

The delicate fruit tart was visually alluring, yet underperformed in taste. The lemon custard lacked milkiness and the crust was bland and crumbly. 

The chocolate tart, on the other hand, was rich and delicious when my mouth met with its milk chocolate hidden on the inside and ganache on top. Again, the crust on the outside had no flavor but the tart was overall divine. 

I followed with another rich chocolatey treat, an eclair. The chocolate eclair encased a strong custard and exquisite chocolate cream. However, the outside was not crispy enough and became soggy due to a load of custard inside. 

The flavorful “Opera” pastry was a wafer with a chocolate bar on top, along with layers of mocha and cream. This treat was soft and luscious and would be a great dessert for coffee lovers. 

My experience at Boulangerie Christophe ended with a dry and bland slice of marble slab. The chocolate on the outside was minimal and the cake itself was disappointing. 

The prices of food were high but justified considering they were similar to other bakeries in the area. For example, the sandwiches were $12.95, yet they were quite large and could be shared among a few people. Also, the website is outdated and is missing key information about its new location and most of the menu items. 

Ultimately, Boulangerie Christophe is a great place for some lovely treats, both savory and sweet, and worth the stop when you are craving something delectable and French, even though it is disorganized.