Afterschool sports provide more than just a workout


Photo Courtesy of Tess Mendelson, Dimensions Yearbook

Freshman Ellie Levine plays soccer at the afterschool sports clinic.

Ellie Levine, Reporter

Amid questions about whether or not sports were going to happen this fall, CESJDS announced that it was offering sports clinics to all students. These clinics have not only provided a good workout but also a sense of community. 

With COVID-19 still present in our everyday lives, as a community, we have had to innovate and create spaces to continue interacting with one another. JDS developed a school sports system that allows athletes to continue training without the regular competitive season while ensuring student safety. 

These clinics run two-to-three times a week and are open to all, as long as they pass the health screenings that are required to be completed at home using the Magnus Health mobile app as well as upon arrival to campus. Students practice their respective sports for ninety minutes while fully-masked and as socially distant as possible. 

Even with restrictions, these clinics are a great way for students to further their skills in any of the sports offered. They offer students the chance to get a team experience without the normal pressure of tryouts and a competitive season. 

And while I’m sure most, if not all student-athletes would prefer to play games this year, the setup of these clinics allows people to take chances on sports they wouldn’t have thought of participating in before. 

The biggest factor that pulled me to the soccer clinic was the sense of community and having something to focus on other than school. Because we’re doing school at home, it can be hard to separate schoolwork and homework. These clinics also bring a sense of normalcy that would be seen on a regular school day at home. 

Going to school, seeing my friends and playing soccer has provided me with a time to clear my head instead of jumping straight back into homework. I always feel like I’m coming back with a fresh state of mind and am able to focus on my homework. 

While participating in a clinic, I have never had a concern about safety. The staff has been extremely understanding of students’ comfort levels and safety issues and have been strict with sanitation and distancing. 

Though this program has many positive attributes, there is still a certain feeling of disappointment about not getting to play a full season or getting to high-five your friends after scoring a point. This affects the seniors especially because they are ending their high school career without a complete sports season. 

All in all, I think these clinics are a great way to get students involved in sports in a safe environment to socialize in-person. While they aren’t perfect, the clinics provide a sense of community that is extremely hard to experience right now.