Opinion: Bernie Sanders must end his presidential campaign


photo by Nikolas Liepins

Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) holds a rally hours before Super Tuesday at the Rivercentre in St. Paul, MN, on March 2, 2020.

Gabe Siegel, Reporter

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has decided to stay in the race for the Democratic nomination process for president of the United States despite three consecutive Tuesday night losses. However, he might bring down the Democratic party as a whole when they are trying to win the election in November.

By staying in the race, Sanders is dividing the Democratic party. In 2016, Democrats learned the hard way that in order to win an election against President Trump, the party must be united.

Sanders cannot win the nomination. He has suffered loss after loss, and, according to FiveThirtyEight, as of March 31, Sanders only has a 0.1 percent chance at winning the nomination. It is clear the nomination will go to his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Sanders has no real reason to stay in the race, and because he won’t drop out, all he will do is attack Biden, sending his supporters the message that Biden is the enemy. This motivates Sanders’ supporters to vote against Biden on election day in November despite knowing they need to unite around one candidate to win the election.

We know as a society that there is the possibility of Sanders’ supporters not voting for the nominated Democratic candidate because it happened in 2016. During the general election, many of Sanders’ supporters refused to vote for the Democratic party’s nominee, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. While there were many factors that led to her loss, Sanders’ supporters not voting for the Democratic party was one of them.

According to Politico, Sanders wants to stay in the race to continue to keep his “political revolution alive,” which has gained a lot of traction through far left-wing policies. He is losing by significant margins in every remaining state, so he clearly is not staying in because he thinks he still has a chance.

Another issue with Sanders’ decision to continue promoting his political revolution platform is because it is very controversial among Democrats. It divides progressive and moderate Democrats when what the party actually needs is to come together as Democrats.

At this time, Sanders needs to realize that some things are more important than his political platform. It is more important to his supporters and the American people that the Democratic party sticks together to focus on the bigger picture — to stop President Trump from serving a second term in the White House.