Charlie’s Angels: An action-packed movie not to be missed


photo courtesy of Sony Pictures

From left to right, Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska and Elizabeth Banks, stars in Charlie’s Angels, are shown.

After many fight scenes, car chases, explosions and disguises, the Angels are back for another action-packed mission in the new “Charlie’s Angels” film starring Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska and Naomi Scott. 

“Charlie’s Angels” is based on the ‘70s TV action-comedy series which later, in 2000 and 2003, made it to the big screen. 

The plot of the movie gave wiggle room for the writers to add conflict and action to the film adaptation. The plot of the movie was different from the two previous movies, but had the same idea, aside from the incorporation of conflicts to excite the audience. 

When Calisto, an advanced clean energy machine, is found to have deadly abilities, two Angels and their client fight to make sure Calisto doesn’t get into the wrong hands. The Angels use their intelligence, strength, quick instincts and teamwork to save the world from Calisto’s dangers. 

Elizabeth Banks, not only acted in “Charlie’s Angels” but also wrote, directed and produced it. She previously directed the popular film “Pitch Perfect 2,” which also has a presence of strong female characters and similar themes of female empowerment. 

Stewart, Balinska and Scott did an incredible job of representing their characters’ personalities. Sabina Wilson, played by Stewart, is a very intelligent and outgoing character who usually takes the lead and jumps right into the action. She can be seen in the movie taking more adventurous roles when the other angels are part of more behind the scenes action. 

Jane Kano, played by Balinska, is also very intelligent as she used to work for British Intelligence. Jane is a violent assassin who usually stays hidden or in the background before she strikes her opponent. Along with Sabina and Elana, she is very strong and has great fighting skills. 

Elana, played by Naomi Scott, is the quietest and least experienced of the crew. She is a brilliant hacker and scientist who is able to contribute from behind the scenes. 

The movie sets were extremely realistic and executed very well, which is very difficult when dealing with a large number of locations in the movie. The Angels traveled to many destinations in the film including London, Paris, Istanbul, Berlin and more. The sets along with location shots added to the legitimacy of the set. My favorite set in the movie was the mega closet because of the bright colors and very realistic technology that was included in it. 

Along with the acting, sets and plot, the costumes played a large role in the movie. The wardrobe was great, not only with the large number of costumes and disguises of each character, but also the ability to represent each character’s personality and style in clothing form. The characters had a flattering, edgy and wide array of iconic looks worn throughout the movie. 

Even though the movie was filled with plenty of action and adventure, the movie didn’t quite feel like a typical “Charlie’s Angels” movie. In the two previous “Charlie’s Angels” movies, there were three experienced Angels who worked together, but in this movie, there were only two Angels and one client who helped them out along the way. Elena only contributed to the action towards the end of the movie and I would have liked to see her play a bigger role throughout the beginning of the movie. Since it is a “Charlie’s Angels” movie, I would have also liked Charlie, who was barely mentioned or involved in this movie, to make more of an appearance like in the 2000s versions. 

Another gripe I had with an otherwise great movie were the number of side characters, which made it a little difficult and confusing to follow the plot. It was hard to know who each character was and their role when there were so many characters to consider.

I recommend watching “Charlie’s Angels” movie if you enjoy action-comedy movies because this film was of great quality, had some funny remarks and had a great amount of action scenes. There was never a dull moment in the film and there were plenty of exciting twists and turns that kept you eager for more. Even though it didn’t quite feel like a classic “Charlie’s Angels” movie, it was a very dramatic, intriguing and entertaining film.