Softball team wins PVAC championship


Jordan Levy, Dimensions

The softball teams holds up their banner after winning the PVAC championship game.

Ari Blumenthal, Reporter

After losing only one in-conference game to the Sandy Spring Friends School, the CESJDS varsity softball team capped off their successful regular season with a vengeance, beating Sandy Spring with a final score of 12-7 and bringing home a PVAC softball championship banner for the first time in 23 years. 

Because Sandy was the only team that defeated the Lions in the regular seasons, they came into the game with mixed emotions.

“We were all anticipating a really close game because we played them before and lost so nerves were pretty high but it was also really exciting,” sophomore Georgia Lindenauer said.

The nerves of the team were reflected throughout the first three innings when the Lions struggled to get on the scoreboard. However, despite their slow start, they still felt confident in their play. 

“I felt ready. I know we lost to this team earlier in the season but we played really well these first two playoff games and so I knew we were ready. We came in knowing we wanted to win and we were going to play our best,” junior and playoff MVP Miriam Goldel said.

The team began to reorganize and refocus in the fourth inning, with minor adjustments including switching pitchers from Goldel to freshman Mia Forseter. These adjustments changed the course of the game.

“It was pretty scary to get down four-nothing and look like we weren’t going to be able to field and the players were starting to seem a little down,” head coach and English department chair Thomas Worden said. “But then we came back and turned the momentum and the game around.” 

While the Lions have had strong offensive performances all season, Worden credits the team’s improvement in fielding the ball for the championship win.

“It was playing the field. Finally, when we got the play in the field and were able to get the three outs and no runs, that was when we built momentum,” Worden said. “We finally won the game on both defense and offense. We have a very powerful offensive team, but this time it was defense and I loved it. I love to win on defense and I think that’s the sign of a really good, mature team.” 

Not only has the team developed on the field, but the relationships formed off the field have benefited team chemistry and unity.

“[Being on the team] is one of the most fun things I have ever done in my entire life. We are so energetic and we all love each other,” junior co-captain Hannah Shank said.

With the close and experienced team, Worden is as optimistic as ever for the future of JDS softball, even with losing key juniors such as Miriam Goldel and co-captains Julia Rich, Hannah Shank and Sasha Karasik.

“The future is looking very bright. We’re going to lose our six [juniors]. We’re going to lose some talent. But I’ve got another pitcher coming up in Eliana Wolf, and I’ve got a really good catcher in Jennifer Kelner… we’re going to be back. We’re going to be back next year and we’re going to win it again,” Worden said.