Artist4Israel joins JDS for Yom Haatzmaut art project


Stella Muzin

Students use spray paint to illustrate what Israel means to them.

Stella Muzin, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Each year, Yom Haatzmaut at CESJDS comprises of school-wide celebrations and activites. This year, along with the annual Zimriyah, JDS partnered with an organization called Artists4Israel in which each high school advisory created an art piece relating to Israel.

Artists4Israel was founded 13 years ago and is made up of a network of international artists. Their goal is to spread the love of Israel through art, specifically spray painting and graffiti work. Part of their program includes sending artists to Israel where they then participate and lead art projects with various communities., Artists4Israel currently employs over 5000 artists from 35 countries. 

JDS welcomed Lance Laytner, the Director of Communications and Campus for Artists4Israel, as well as four artists to the Yom Haatzmaut celebration. 

“Its [Artists4Israel] expanded greatly from originally bringing artists to Israel to now doing programs all over the world,” Laytner said, “Still, Israel is the focus.” 

For an hour before lunch, each high school advisory was given a canvas, spray paint and a prompt which asked students to consider what Israel meant to them, what they thought of when they heard the word Israel and what they want for Israel’s future. After brainstorming and sketching, each advisory spray painted their own interpretation of the prompt. 

Each group created a different, colorful representation of Israel and then filmed a video to explain their art. The artists from Artists4Israel then touched up the students’ artwork, making sure to honor their artistic liberties. Later in the day, the art work was shown at Zimriyah between performances.

One of the artists who joined JDS for Yom Haatzmaut goes by the name Reds, and shared just how impactful her work with the organization over the past ten years has been. 

“A really impactful moment for me was the trip to Israel, having to live and see the realities of what Israel has to go through,” Reds said. “We painted a bomb shelter for a daycare which was a very impactful experience and although I was happy to help, it still just tears your heart up.” 

JDS students had a great time at this activity and loved the addition to the Yom Haatzmaut festivities. 

“I loved being able to create an amazing piece of art with my friends and also see the other pieces of art people created,” junior Arielle Fellner said. 

Students enjoyed being able to interact with such a meaningful organization and they hope to see further collaborations.

 “I fell in love with art, it’s like a therapy for me and helps me be a better person,” Reds said. “I always hope that sharing my craft with others might help them find that same thing that makes them happy.”