Don’t sweat it


The weight room is equipped with dumbbells ranging from 10 to 60 pounds. The weights can be used for standing exercises, such as dumbbell curls. They can also be used with the many adjustable weight benches for a dumbbell bench press, which is when you lay on your back on the bench, push the dumbbells up in the air and bring them down. A favorite exercise of mine is the incline dumbbell curl. To do the exercise, you put the bench up at an incline,  sit on the bench, lower your hands with the weights, and curl the weights while keeping your elbows by your ribs.


One machine I like is the cable crossover machine in the center of the weight room because of the variety of exercises you can do with it. An exercise you can do is tricep pushdowns, which is when someone pushes the cable down to their waist. Additionally, JDS has other various machines such as a chest press machine, which trains the pectoral muscles, a shoulder press machine, which works the shoulder muscles and a lat pulldown machine, which trains the latissimus dorsi (lat) muscles on the back.


When working out, cardio is essential. It can help your heart effectively pump blood throughout your body, and it can even help lower blood pressure. The weight room is home to several machines to help you improve your cardio, such as elliptical machines, treadmills, a stationary bike and a rowing machine. These machines are great if you want to work up a quick sweat.


While the agility equipment is not nearly as popular as the various machines and lifting equipment, the agility equipment in the JDS weight room is perfect for people who want to improve their athleticism. Agility is all about the ability to move quickly and easily. This includes medicine balls of several weights, jump ropes and resistance bands. My favorite agility exercise is the resistance band side step. In this exercise, you put a resistance band around your leg and you sidestep while keeping your feet shoulder-length apart.

Benching and Squatting 

The squat racks in the front of the weight room, which can also be used to bench press, are a hotspot for gym goers. A squat is when someone bends like they are sitting in a chair to work their quadriceps and glutes. A bench press is when someone lays down on a bench with a barbell above them, and they push up the dumbbell from their chest. The plates for the barbells are weights of 2.5, five, 10, 25, 35, and 45 pounds.