Berman defeats boys varsity basketball team in clean sweep


Alec Silberg, Dimensions Yearbook

Junior Ari Blumenthal guards the ball in the Lion’s game against Berman on Jan. 19.

Julia Rich, Reporter

Hundreds of CESJDS students, parents and teachers gathered to show their support for the boys varsity basketball team on Thursday, Jan. 19, against Berman Hebrew Academy. JDS lost the game 70-63. However, this loss along with their other loss against Berman in December has only made the team stronger and hungrier for a chance to face Berman one more time.

The game began with an intense atmosphere from both teams. After the first half, JDS had a hard time keeping up with Berman as they gained a seven point lead by the end, making the score 30-23. Throughout the rest of the game, Berman remained consistent with their shots and kept increasing their lead.

“I think that they hit a lot of shots and we didn’t really respond enough as much as we should have,” junior and player Todd Lazoff said. “Our defense, we over-helped a little bit, and then we were too far from our guys so they were able to shoot a lot of threes.”

JDS previously lost to Berman last month after leading in the first half of the game. Head coach Ryan Eskow said that the team had made numerous changes both offensively and defensively in preparation for the game. Eskow noted that although the team executed those changes decently well, they were not done well enough to win the game.

“Most games ebb and flow and that one definitely didn’t,” Eskow said. “We had some really good moments and then we had moments where we lost our way.”

Eskow also said that at the times when JDS lost their flow of the game, Berman was able to score crucial points. Lazoff said that if the team maintained energy throughout the game, they could have won it at the end.

“We let up a lot more points in the first and third quarter,” Lazoff said. “Once we have halftime we get all comfortable…having the energy is something that we definitely need to do in the future.”

Despite the team’s loss against Berman previously, Eskow said that he tries not to compare the team’s games to each other and instead focus more on reflecting a lot about themselves and who they are as a team after this game.

“At the end of the day I told the guys that I love them,” Eskow said. “That’s the truth…I don’t care if Michael Jordan is trying to play at the Jewish day school. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.”

Losing to Berman twice this season has not affected the team’s relationship. One of the captains, senior Ben Bass, described the team as having great chemistry. 

“We all really like each other and we enjoy playing with each other,” Bass said. “It’s a fun time.”