Comfortably cold

Kaylah Goldrich, Incoming Editor-in-Chief

Layer Up

Whether you’re playing basketball in your backyard or going for a run around your neighborhood, it is important to wear multiple layers of clothing in the cold weather. At a minimum, you should wear three layers. According to REI, the first layer, or “base layer,” absorbs sweat off your skin. For this layer, wearing a shirt made from moisture-wicking fabric is recommended as this moves sweat from the skin to the fabric’s surface where it can evaporate. The middle layer is important in retaining body heat, and the outer layer shields you from elements such as wind, rain and snow. On a very cold day, I recommend wearing a long sleeve shirt, an athletic hoodie and a jacket to protect yourself.

Cover Your Head

Your body loses heat when it comes in contact with a cold environment, and according to pediatrician Howard Bennett in The Washington Post, your head is most exposed to the elements during the winter. Wearing a hat, scarf or earmuffs is not only more comfortable, but it also can prevent you from contracting a cold or illness by preserving body heat. “Hats are important to me in the winter because I wear them when I walk my dog to keep me warm, and that helps me appreciate and enjoy the walk more,” junior Hannah Shank said.  

Warm Socks Rock

One of the most overlooked parts of the body when it is cold is the feet. I know that whenever I play sports outside in cold weather, I often forget to protect them. The last thing you want are numb, freezing toes. In order to effectively stay warm, I highly recommend either wearing super thick socks or doubling up on your socks. While it may feel uncomfortable at first, it is especially important to maintain blood flow and mobility in your feet while you exercise. You must also consider the fabric of the socks. Wool socks are moisture-wicking, and therefore highly recommended, while cotton socks will absorb any moisture, thus no longer providing adequate insulation.

Love Your Gloves

It does not matter if you are playing basketball or soccer during the winter, it is still essential to wear gloves. There is nothing worse than jamming a frozen finger or having to unthaw numb hands. Not only do gloves trap and preserve heat, but they also protect your hands against dry skin. While gloves provide more mobility, mittens are actually more efficient in preserving heat, as they do not separate your fingers which allows them to share warmth. 

Where to Shop

Acquiring high-quality, affordable winter attire is crucial, and REI is a perfect place for these necessities. Their outdoor winter gear is top of the line in quality and their prices are reasonable. However, if you are just looking for a pair of mittens or wool socks, your local Target or Old Navy has a wide variety of items. TJ Maxx also carries quality athletic gear such as Brooks, UnderArmour and Adidas. If you are looking to support a local business, RnJ Sports and Road Runner Sports have a wide range of running gear and sportswear.