Taking it to the next level

Aliza Bellas, Reporter

Bryan Knapp (’17)

Bryan Knapp (‘17) was recruited to the Cornell University basketball team after graduating from CESJDS. Throughout his basketball career at JDS, he was a star player and worked hard throughout high school to be recruited for collegiate athletics. 

After playing for four years at Cornell, he decided to transfer to George Washington University’s basketball program to explore new opportunities. He is thankful for his time playing for JDS, and encourages any other student who dreams of being on a college team to work hard towards achieving their goals. 

“Play with good players; play with players that are better than you. Be vulnerable on the court. Try and play against the best competition. That’s what I did and that will ultimately make you better.”

Zach Gordon (’18) 

After graduating from JDS, Zach Gordon (‘18) took a gap year before beginning his studies at Dickinson College. Although he was not recruited to play for the Dickinson baseball program out of high school, he was invited to try out as a walk-on. After not making the team in his freshman and sophomore years, Gordon worked extremely hard to impress the coaches in tryouts during his junior year. Gordon is now a member of the Dickinson team and enjoys playing the sport alongside teammates who support him.

“If you play division three baseball like I do, you’re not playing it because you think you’re going to be a professional baseball player,…you’re playing it because it’s a childhood game that you fell in love with and you didn’t want to give it up.”

Abby Alter (’21) 

After playing on both JDS and club soccer teams throughout her time in high school, Abby Alter (‘21) was recruited to play soccer for Bates College. Although it was an adjustment at first, Alter has enjoyed playing with her team and exploring college campuses other than her own.

Playing alongside her teammates is what makes collegiate soccer so special to Alter, and she looks forward to continuing her journey throughout the next three years.

“The way people perceive men’s and women’s sports is that it’s not as important for women even in the low collegiate level and division three. It’s definitely hard but being able to do it with my teammates helps.”

Nate Heller (’21) 

Following his graduation from JDS, Nate Heller (‘21) was recruited to play for Rhodes College’s baseball team. However, he transferred to Montgomery College to pursue new opportunities prior to the spring 2022 baseball season.

Heller tore his UCL and got Tommy John surgery to repair it. He will need to recover for another year before he can play. He looks forward to playing with a team again and is seeking a new four-year opportunity playing for a university. 

“Believe in yourself…and if you’re good enough, they’ll find you.”