Purim programs: Students connect to the holiday through school wide activities

Adin Halbfinger, News Editor

Zman Kodesh

The Purim school day began at 8 a.m. with Zman Kodesh. Minyanim held special programs to celebrate the holiday. For instance, the two Journaling Zmanei Kodesh joined together to play the game Anomia and eat cookies. Freshmen Elisheva Babitz (left) and Navah Gris (right), along with a few other members of the Partnership Minyan Zman Kodesh, performed a Purim shpiel for the rest of their minyan.

Megillah Reading

There were many options offered for the Megillat Esther reading. There were four readings led by students including junior Tamir Krasna (above), one speed reading led by Cantor Sarah Bolts from B’nai Israel Congregation and two alternative options without the traditional reading of the full Megillah. In one program, students created artwork based on pieces of the Megillah that they read, and in the other students completed an escape room that required them to read sections of the Megillah.


The high school gathered in the gym for an assembly. At the assembly, there were many student competitions including a sack race, a costume contest and a game of musical chairs. Junior Remy Eidelman (middle) won the sack race (pictured below) over freshman Dylan Nydish (right), sophomore Matthew Steindecker (far left) and biology teacher Melissa Andrew (left). Freshman Nathan Szubin won the costume contest. Gris defeated sophomore Nini Panner, freshman Rafi Siegel and junior Talia Sporkin in musical chairs (pictured left). “I really like opportunities for the whole high school to get together and do one thing all together,” Assistant Dean of Students and math teacher Tori Ball said.

Community Service 

Following the Megillah reading, sophomores Julia Rich (above), Eliot Rogal (below) and the rest of the high school participated in a community service project with their advisory groups. Students made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to donate to two local organizations, Martha’s Table and Shepherd’s Table. Once they were finished, advisories created March Madness brackets and brought snacks to enjoy amongst themselves in celebration of the holiday.


Hamentashen, grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup were served during lunch for the Purim seudah. Students also used this time as a break from the activities of the day. Many played basketball in the gym or sat with friends in the atrium.


The long-awaited annual Purim Shpiel run by the faculty and staff did not disappoint as it drew many laughs from the audience, offering an exciting end to the day. The faculty surveyed the students beforehand on which topics they wanted to be covered in the Shpiel. The final product included jokes about Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian. Math teacher Robert Shorr performed the popular dance move, the “griddy.” Jewish history department chair Aaron Bregman (above left) played Mordechai, math teacher John Watkins-Chow (above right) played Esther, and Ball (below) played Haman. At the end of the play, Ms. Ball got pied in the face by junior Sammy Schreiber. “I always love the Shpiel, because I think there’s a lot of faculty here who are really good on stage, and I think it’s great to have the students see people in that light,” Ball said.