Gen-Z vs. Millennials: Do skinny jeans belong in our closets?


photo by Eva Bard, LT

Senior Talia Jacobsohn sporting a pair of baggy jeans.

Lily Rulnick, Guest Writer

Do Millennials and Generation-Zers really need another topic to argue about?  This time the controversy surrounds the use of baggy and skinny jeans. Who is wearing which style tends to depend on the generation, which causes confusion as to what is actually in style. The question is, which kind of jeans are we supposed to wear?

Debates between Millennials and Gen-Z have been sparked about whether or not skinny jeans are still “in.” Though they seem to still be a staple in some Millennials’ closets, many Gen-Zers have shunned them completely.

“As of now, they’re looked at as not trendy and a thing of the past,” senior Coco Becker said. “It’s hard to even picture myself in skinny jeans again.”

Though Gen-Z has had an easy time letting go of their skinny jeans, a lot of Millennials haven’t eliminated them from their outfits just yet. 

“I have skinny jeans in my wardrobe, and part of my look and how I feel good does include skinny jeans,” middle school humanities teacher Tamar Gasko said. 

As for whether they’re trendy or not, Becker believes social media has a large role. Since Gen-Z is a generation that is so concerned with trends and wearing what’s “in style,” what is posted on social media platforms impacts a lot of people’s daily wardrobe.

“You see someone on Tik Tok being like, ‘skinny jeans aren’t trendy anymore,’ and so that makes everyone not want to wear them,” Becker said. 

For Gasko, keeping up with the ever changing trends in fashion proves to be difficult. She in addition does not feel the need to continuously change her wardrobe, keeping clothes she feels most comfortable in.

“I remember growing up, taking a while to get into skinny jeans,” Gasko said. “They didn’t feel comfortable or I wasn’t interested. And then I wore them and I liked them and now people are wearing the things that I used to wear beforehand.”

Another piece of the debate are the different “looks” that both types of jeans give off. Becker thinks that wide-leg jeans give off a more “playful and youthful” look, while Gasko believes that skinny jeans make you look “put together.”

For sophomore Olivia Cohen, the best part of baggy jeans is the dimension that they add to her outfits. Cohen believes that even if you are wearing a “boring” shirt, baggy jeans are able to make your outfit look “cute.”

“I feel like they just add a lot to your outfit and make it look more interesting,” Cohen said. 

Baggy jeans are not a completely new development in fashion. Throughout the last century, we’ve seen wide-leg jeans in the ‘70s and ‘80s, as well as throughout the early 2000s. So, it might not be long before we see skinny jeans resurface yet again. 

“Like other trends, I think everything will recycle and we’ll be wearing them soon again,” Becker said. “Just like we weren’t wearing baggy jeans before, but now everyone is.”

Though some Gen-Zers aren’t ready to switch back to skinny jeans any time soon, Gasko isn’t closed off to the idea of ditching hers.

“As I need to replace my clothing, I probably won’t replace them with skinny jeans,” Gasko said. 

In terms of comfort, baggy jeans are the obvious choice. For both Cohen and Gasko, comfort is the most important thing to consider when choosing which jeans to wear. 

“When you sit, skinny jeans will squeeze you in different parts, and it’s just not as comfortable,” Gasko said. “You’re thinking about how you feel more than just being in your body.”

In the end, the consensus is that what’s fashionable is what makes you feel comfortable. Regardless of what’s “trending,” what’s important is that you wear what you feel good in. 

“If you like how something looks on you and how it makes you feel, then screw whatever fashion is,” Gasko said.