Matan Silverberg, Sports Editor

The pandemic devastated professional sports leagues financially due to the numerous cancellations of games and absence of fans in stadiums. As a result, according to, the NBA lost an estimated $650 million in revenue. Holding an All-Star weekend helped compensate for the financial losses, while allowing NBA fans across the country to enjoy watching the league’s best players compete against each other. 

In addition, the cancellation of the All-Star Game would negatively impact more junior players, many of whom would be playing in their first All-Star Game.  These are the players who have emerged as stars and leaders of their teams and are critical engines of the NBA through a grueling, particularly challenging season.  

Making the All-Star Game is one of the most significant accolades and experiences for an NBA player. Taking the court with the NBA’s best is an opportunity every player dreams of. A player who makes the game will want to live up to the hype of being an All-Star and cherish the special All-star experience. 

Also, many were concerned about the All-Star Game because gathering players and staff from across the country into one arena seemed unsafe to many. However, All-Star weekend proved to be safe as zero players tested positive for COVID-19.

Lastly, the difficult and unusual circumstances have been tough on NBA fans. First, limited attendance has prevented many fans from attending games and televised games have not been as entertaining and enjoyable for fans as a result. Fans miss the atmosphere of a raucous crowd, cheering after their team wins a game. For many fans, the flashy, entertaining All-Star game was a bright spot amidst a challenging and dispiriting season.