Crumbl Cookies


Aaron Gallo, Reporter

Waiting in a long line was definitely worth the wait to taste the warm, delicious, melty cookies at Crumbl. The nationwide cookie company Crumbl has just opened up its first location in Maryland in Federal Plaza off of Rockville Pike. With new flavors every week, the cookies do not disappoint. 

When I saw an advertisement for free cookies at their grand opening on Oct. 1, I decided to go. Despite the fact that there were almost 50 people in a socially distant line, Crumbl was able to serve customers quickly and efficiently. 

When customers first walk into Crumbl, the smell of the fresh, delicious cookies fills the air. The cookie shop is decorated with TVs on the walls showing customers how they make their cookies. When you get to the front of line, the extremely nice and friendly staff members take your orders. They are able to get the cookies to you in about 2-5 minutes.

The cookies from Crumbl are a variety of different flavors ranging from basic flavors like Chocolate Chip to unique flavors like Pink Sugar. Some cookies like the Butterfinger flavor are served warm while others like the Twix flavor are served chilled. The cookies are topped with frosting in the shape of a spiral. 

I got the original chocolate chip flavor and the Twix flavor. They were both outstanding. The Twix was served refrigerated, but the caramel made it outstanding. The chocolate chip came straight out of the oven and melted in my mouth. They were both delicious. 

Crumbl’s cookies are some of the biggest cookies I’ve had. The pricing is reasonable at Crumbl for the size of the cookies. Each cookie is $3.88 and you can buy a dozen for $34.88.

The whole Crumbl experience was excellent. I highly recommend going to Crumbl. The employees looked very happy to be there and their customer service was excellent. 

After going for the free cookies and having a great experience, I had to go again with my family to try even more flavors of cookies the next week.