PTO Conducts Annual Scoop Night Fundraiser

Miriam Minsk, News Editor

Wednesday, April 29 was an evening full of Baskin Robbins, ice cream, delicious sweets, socializing and fundraising for the CESJDS community.

At the Parent Teacher Organization’s (PTO) Scoop Night fundraiser, over 53 teachers and faculty volunteered to scoop ice cream between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.

According to PTO member Lynn Morgan, this annual fundraiser began 10 years ago “as a way to build community, having both a fun-raiser and a fundraiser.”

This year 645 customers attended the event and made purchases totalling 2,819 dollars. The PTO received 30 percent of the gross revenue, making 845 dollars from the event.

“I believe that the event is the ‘sweetest’ event of the year because the adults really enjoy socializing with one another and the kids love to have their ‘celebrity’ scooper star teachers work for them by fulfilling their ice cream requests,” Morgan said.