QuaranTEENed – This is Just the Beginning

Addie Bassin and Jonathan Morris

Right now, the world is in the midst of a pandemic. The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is quite literally taking the world by storm. States have been shutting schools down all across the United States, and on March 12, Governor Larry Hogan announced the same for Maryland public schools. That day, CESJDS also announced its plans to switch to distance learning from home. QuaranTEENed is a Lion’s Tale project that serves as an in-depth look at the students affected by this calamity.

In this episode, Head of School Rabbi Mitch Malkus addresses his vision for the distance learning program in a time of uncertainty, and junior Tess Mendelson describes how she structures her days to keep her life orderly. Other students, including juniors Rinat Dubrawsky, Sami Himmelfarb, Moshe Zaremba, Arava Rose and Alex Frame, sophomores Will Sexter and Mira Beinart and freshman Jonah Bassin, anxiously await the drastic change coming to their life. QuaranTEENed will have a new episode each week of distance learning to revisit this unprecedented chapter in student life.

If you would like to be interviewed for an upcoming episode, contact [email protected] or one of the reporters.