Twitter’s partner manager of sports among those recognized at event honoring alumni


CESJDS alumnus and partner manager-sports at Twitter David Herman (‘11) was recognized as a Head of School Alumni Honoree on Nov. 14, 2019. Herman fostered his passion for sports journalism through his time as a sports photographer for the JDS yearbook.

“I was never a good athlete,” Herman said. “Sports were always a passion, so I tried to find different areas of still being involved in sports. I was a sports photographer for the yearbook, I was an athletic trainer for a bunch of teams, [and] I was a student manager for a bunch of teams. Ultimately, that’s what helped me connect to sports while still not playing which led to what I do now in some ways.”

After graduating high school, Herman attended the University of Michigan. Following college, he moved to New York and began his career with Twitter.

Herman helps get more tweets about sports on the Twitter platform. He visits different leagues, teams and athletes to help them understand the benefits of Twitter and how to make money off it through sponsorship. His career involves  attending many sporting events including the Superbowl and the National Basketball Association (NBA) All-Star Game.

JDS recognizes three alumni every year as Head of School Alumni Honorees who excel in their communities and their jobs while remaining involved with the Jewish community and JDS. Herman looks back at his time at JDS fondly.

“I think we take it for granted when we’re here. You think every high school or every community has what we have here which is very much not true,” Herman said. “The community piece and the friendships, those are all very real and still exists today.”