Lions best Cougars 23-6 in third game of the season


photo by Rochelle Berman

Sophomore Sasha Trainor pitches against the Berman Hebrew Academy Cougars Thursday evening in the girl’s varsity softball teams’ third game this season.

Rochelle Berman, Guest Writer

After sophomore Sasha Trainor began to lose concentration while pitching, she received some words of wisdom from her twin sister and captain of the girls’ varsity softball team, Jane Trainor. She was then able to regain her focus, and her next pitch gave the Berman Hebrew Academy Cougars their final out of the inning, setting the Lions up for a successful rest of the game. The Lions ended up beating the Cougars 23-6 in their third game of the season.

Almost every CESJDS team member was able to score each time they were at bat, and their star pitchers, sophomores Sally Rogal and Sasha, guided them to a large victory on the defensive end.

Rogal was the starting pitcher for the Lions before Sasha entered the game, and the Cougars repeatedly struck out against her. As a result, the top of the first inning ended quickly and the Lions were up to bat. The bottom of the first inning stretched on for a long time as the Lions kept scoring without getting any outs.

Freshman Avital Friedman and Rogal were the only team members to score home runs throughout the entire game, with Friedman hitting a grand slam in the second inning.  

With their team record being 2-1 this season, team coach and English department chair Tom Worden is happy with the team’s performance this year.

“We have won all of the games that we have expected to win so far,” Worden said. Despite the fact that the team is only made up of freshmen and sophomores, Worden still expects them to go far in the playoffs.

Last week, the team lost to their biggest competitor, Model, because of a lack of concentration at the very end of the game.

Even so, Jane still has a lot of faith in their team and sees an opportunity to excel as the season progresses.

“Yeah, we have a lot of potential,” Jane said. “Last year, we got in the semi-finals, and we’re pushing to get to the finals, and hopefully win this year.”