Fixing up the lion’s den

Grand Opening: Remodeled JDS Upper School

Miriam Minsk, Editor-in-Chief

Building blocks of the summer construction

  • The need for new lockers and classroom space became clear as administration discussed the possibility of bringing the sixth grade to the Upper School.

  • Administrators first recruited an architect to make a sketch of potential changes to the building.

  • After the sixth grade move was finalized, administration’s priorities shifted to creating separate spaces for middle and high school students.

  • The final stamp of approval came from the Board of Directors after the project was reviewed by three different committees.

  • CESJDS ultimately chose Construction Services and Supply, Inc. (CSSI), a local building company, to complete the renovation.

  • CSSI began remodeling the Upper School campus immediately following the 2015-2016 school year.

Changes to the Upper School building

  • Middle school administrators’ and counselors’ offices are now in the 100’s

  • Educational Support Services classrooms are now in the 200’s

  • College and high school guidance counselors’ offices are now in the 300’s

  • The new conference room is located in the back of the atrium

  • New gender-neutral bathroom in the science hallway

  • The guidance suite is now the Innovation Center for Robotics and Design

  • The old conference room now houses the admissions staff

  • A new Makerspace was created at the back of the Levitt Media Center

  • Lockers were added to the alcove near the 100’s for the larger middle school